Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rin Tin Tin: The Life and The Legend of World War I Dog Story Will Make You Cry (and not just with his fine acting)

When i learned some details about the Famous Rin Tin Tin: German Shepherd, Actor, World War I orphan,
 i cried a little. Seems this dog was rescued as a pup by a soldier, Lee Duncan, in a bombed out kennel in WWI. The man himself had been partially orphaned, and his relationship with the dog was one of true love.
 The dog was an amazing actor; when he limped in one movie the studio got letters asking if he had been deliberately injured to make him limp so convincingly... when Rin Tin Tin died, there was a National News Broadcast that interrupted all other programming.
I heard about this due to a book out, and the author was being interviewed on NPR.

Hear the interview and buy the book HERE. before you listen to this 9 minute interview, get just one kleenex for the end...When i listened to this interview, it made me want to rent all the movies...
from npr 
"...Author Susan Orlean's new book, Rin Tin Tin: The Life And The Legend, traces the history of Duncan and "Rinty," as Duncan called him, exploring both the career of a very famous dog and the relationship he shared with the owner who adored him as a pet..."

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Rin Tin Tin Official Page for serious fans page HERE
at THIS part of the Official Rin Tin Tin Page, you can read how this little puppy was found, his amazing entry into acting, and see some great pics you won't see anywhere else.


  1. thank you for listing our website at - we did want to clarify it isn't a "Fan" Page it is the Official Page of RIN TIN TIN. RIN TIN TIN is very much alive and well in a breeding program endorsed by Lee Duncan and of the same line as the first.

  2. I corrected the text to show that. We really love dogs around here--thanks for keeping the Legend Alive.