Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Women in Afghanistan: Women, War and Peace Film from PBS

So Part I of this five part film series was screened at K-state this week. Right before the screening, i was informed about a horrendous case of animal abuse (see previous post) and then, after 30 minutes of watching this film, i actually thought i might have a heart attack, my heart might break or give out from
the insanity, the demonic cruelty, the pain. The inhumanity manifesting everywhere is too much to bear.
The women of afghanistan have endured more than any american woman can comprehend.
we can read about it;
we can watch some film,
but pondering it will blow your mind or break your heart.
After all the persecution they have been through, the current administrations, ours and their corrupt one, are working for "peace" by cutting a deal with the taliban.
The taliban are in the process of assassinating all women who have worked for women's rights over the past 10 years. They put notes on the front door that threaten to burn their daughters and cut their heads off. Then they do it.
I will not repeat the disgusting tortures, the things that are too hard to bear.
Please watch the movie. See if you can bear it.
This IS HAPPENING to the women in Afghanistan Right Now.
Preview and link to watch free online HERE
Yes watch it all free online. Just do it.



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