Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Raising Butterflies

The birds will eat most of the little caterpillars that are on a path to Swallowtail Butterfly status.

There were dozens of these on my dill hedge, but they were disappearing fast.

My mother taught me how to raise butterflies...

Here are some pics of

  • the newest little caterpillar,
  •  the growing ones, 
  • the habitat, and then 
  • the chrysalis!

the giant black swallowtail butterfly that laid these eggs is pictures in a blog post below.

the caterpillar gets quiet, swells up at the head, and attaches itself to the wood.
within several hours it quivers and moves almost imperceptibly.
then, an hour later

click to enlarge

black swallowtail chrysalis

you walk in and viola! magic...

I am going to try to film these beauties coming out of chrysalis. they are calm for an hour or two,
then, saute'd butterfly for dinner!


here are some of the chrysalii

two chrysali

can you spot it??

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