Thursday, August 18, 2011

It Is About to Begin: The Children Come to College

As college campuses become flurries of activity, those of us who work for and with students have mixed feelings.
 with the exception of eating chocolate, or smothering a filet with steak sauce, perhaps everything has mixed feelings involved.

Kids have been pampered, ignored, abused, spoiled, or well-parented.
Guess which ones do well, and who does not?
Well, it is the kids from well-parented that do best, follwed by those from strict or even abusive homes-- but households high in permissiveness tend to produce children who have trouble in school.
See the volumes of research, such as that from Richard Steinberg, which i used in my graduate work.

Two continuums:
and warmth/openness/acceptance/discussion

If a parent is High in Both, that is the optimum situation.

Low in both is called NEGLECT. worst outcome.

I will post more academics (right here) here shortly with details.

In the meantime, students:

not attractive

it is hard, that's ok, get a tutor, be nice to yourself

take care of your whole self

eat pray love

some people use alcohol to TRICK YOU!

remember your beautyful pink brain is still developing...

try to eat well...

if you are a fighter, get to the counseling services and
nip that bad habit in the BUD

Try to let your human intelligence overcome
your cellular instincts. Time to wake up.
at least her uggs match her vomit can.

Are you ready to go to college?


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