Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweetest Puppies on Sweetest Shar Pei Fridays (and Shar Pei Rescue)

Sweetest Sharpei puppy and

who knows what this puppy is?? OH, to live a dog's life.

Sweetest Chinese Shar Pei

Shar Pei Rescue? Find out more HERE:
i'm no sharpei but i'm pretty cute, eh?

click pic to enlarge caverous mouth

at their site   (boondockdogs - for stud), they called this a mini sharpei! looks kind of like an italian mastiff

a little work...
i just a pug
there there, lil sof sof

Shar Pei Mug is a mindblow.
click on pics to view huge.

the calendar: HERE

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