Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Helped Coach Frank Martin Get On His Feet.

It's true. Coach Martin, (recovering from knee surgery) appearing at the K-State Men's Basketball /Carlos O'Kelly's Radio Show came over to sit and talk to a woman who had had knee surgery too. When he had to rise out of the soft booth, I stuck out my hand and gave him a slight pull up!
 Yeah, i need to get out more.
The radio show was fun to watch. I sat at the bar, and Called In a question!
The Carlos O'Kelly's staff was great. There were folks I knew there eating.
Here are a coupla pics:
(will post video tomorrow. tired. need food.

He spoke in glowing terms of his wife as inspiration.
One lady on the phone-in offered to make him some Cuban sandwiches but he said he had been eating too much lately.  More ksu basketball HERE and video HERE.  Jacob Pullen at 2000 points HERE

we need more Good Coaches, (Influence, Influence, Influence!)

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