Sunday, April 17, 2011

Condoms for Children: Philadelphia mandates condoms (11 year olds)--Giving Babies Steak and Scotch

Because the Grown-Ups have given up
The "National Treasure".
leave them to feed the hungry wolf inside
Washington Times story HERE  story with video HERE

giving up on supervising children
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 Condoms for first graders?
Hello Kitty Kondoms for pre-teens??

Parents Unite! wash your hands of your kids' mistakes!
 Let them get genital warts!
 let them go to hell for all u care!
 as long as their chances of getting pregnant or diseased is significantly
reduced, albeit not eliminated.  (1)
Screw the psychological development.
Give the babies steak and scotch!!

(1) Results
"The incidence of genital HPV infection was 37.8 per 100 patient-years at risk among women whose partners used condoms for all instances of intercourse during the eight months before testing, as compared with 89.3 per 100 patient-years at risk in women whose partners used condoms less than 5 percent of the time (adjusted hazard ratio, 0.3; 95 percent confidence interval, 0.1 to 0.6, adjusted for the number of new partners and the number of previous partners of the male partner). "

and risk With Condoms RE HERPES HERE

HERE: children in Detroit and dickens 

they're gonna smoke anyway!
at least make them smoke FILTERS!!!

it;s ok, i have condoms
It's My Choice, Dude.
FuCyin' out loud--at least take those matches away and give him a lighter!
whatsa matter with your parenting! matches are dangerous...

just give me what i want and shutup

Uh, Really?



Oh great! the next thing you'll tell me is that you didn't bring the condoms!

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