Friday, April 1, 2011

Healing from a Sexual Assault: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

I am always touched by the courage and grace, the generosity and selflessness shown by women and men as they move through the healing process after a sexual assault.

If you have not endured such a travesty, this weird trauma that many think should not be so traumatizing, this ubiquitous crime that many think is mostly falsely reported- (!) --consider:

Yourself, walking into the Police Station.
Um, ...
I have something to report.
YES? What is it?

Consider walking into your house one evening.
Honey, I have something to tell you...

Consider the possiblity that people won't believe you. That is a common fear.
Consider the pain
 you will inflict on your parent/spouse/friend/sister/brother.

Maybe it is easier not to report it.

Do you know that men and women, friends and family come here for help in dealing with the sadness, anger and rage, anxiety and depression they are going through because of the sexual assault of a loved one?

Sometimes their trauma lasts longer than the crime victim's.
Do you know what some women and some men do as they walk away from the rapist?
Wanting only to get away, get safe, hide, no more no more..

Please, if you have a friend or loved one going through trauma, carrying heavy baggage, let them know you are there to listen. Listen, Believe, Respect, Refer.
Check out these sites:

Help them find a place to shed the baggage.


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