Saturday, April 30, 2011

Betti O. -- She was Not Misbehavin' at the C.L. Hoover Opera House, (and I Ain't Kiddin')


The singing, the humor,
 the set, the lights,
 the perfect musicians, the cohesive consistency-
-Betti O.'s debut in directing/choreographing shows off real talent and provided a great Friday Night Date Night in Junction City's Hoover Opera House.
I'm exhausted-- my toe was tappin and my head was popping, nonstop--i'm sure i lost weight--so here's a couple quick impressions,
gotta hit the hay,

more tomorrow.
BTW, the clever opening- the musicians sat as in a perfect postcard, then- well, i won't tell you -- but pay attention! who thought of that? wonderful.
alan drew was amazing.
Tracy Birdsong, Justin Black, Stacy Brown, Janice R Dowell, and Alan Drew were alternately Beautiful, hilarious, lovely, and nuaced. I was going to say how funny Janice Dowell was until i thought back and realized how each performer had Completely Pleased the audience in both singing, humor, and supportive actions, and each brought the house to to loud appreciation.

lead-up story HERE: Fort Riley News story

absolutely inimitable Betti O.

The House said no video or flash photography, so i only used a nonflash quiet camera; Man i wish i could have taken some time and caught the beauty of these actors. The set was truly gorgeous. The musicians were absolutely top notch.
 It was Clever -- which means
smart actors and wonderful direction. O, Betti.

My only complaints: wishing i could have heard the voices louder in the back of the theater; wishing betti o had a cameo walk on, wishing i could have taken some good pics because each cast member was alluring and beautiful.

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