Saturday, April 9, 2011

Too Drunk to Give Consent? But, well...Police on Duty in New York City Now called Rape Cops

New York City Sued as Police found on Video... HERE IS a typical so called he said she said-- but the "he" were police on duty...
excerpt: "Prosectors claim that the officers helped the woman into the apartment and later returned–at which point, prosecutors claim, Morena raped the woman while Mata stood watch. Over the span of about four hours, the footage shows the officers entering and leaving the building three separate times.

But the question is: how drunk was she? Drunk enough to not consent to sex? But sober enough to wake up during the alleged rape to remember it? Drunk enough to be passed out in a cab? But sober enough to appear animated and conversational in the clip below?"


I am aware of the possibility of false reports. FBI say 2-4%.
Of those reported, which is only 10-30%.\

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