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Best Chicken Caesar Salad...Mary's Killer Caesar Salad finished. Delicious! SOOO Healthy!

Oh, red wines and white; perfect mixtures of sweet olive oils and herbs and garlic, warm toast and the wonderful gift of Reggiano and Pecorino cheeses!

Sorry-- back to finish this thing!
I lived in Dallas with my beautiful friends Claudia and Marks and Alicia. ( the fabulous zambini family...heh...)
We ate in wonderful Italian restaurants. Some had ceilings that looked like faraway silver stars were glistening on deep faraway inky black skies;
 ...Between the tables ran little sparkling streams as if we were outdoors in an Italian Countryside...

I began to spend a lot of money eating out and realized i was getting addicted to the tableside Caesar, I asked about it and began to put together my recipe. I was told that a fine hotel restaurant in Mexico was the birthplace of this amazingly healthy and scrumptious feast. After-hours one night, the owner and some guests were in a poolroom or rec room, and got hungry. The main kitchen of the hotel was closed. They put together the ingredients they had at hand, and the Caesar salad was born...And, the daughter of the owner sells a bottled version of the dressing in grocery stores to this day, i understand.

For now...I agreed to post this recipe for the Caesar salad that came from several months of interviewing, learning and experimentation...It always left us feeling great.


First one must keep in mind that all ingredients change the outcome.

For example
 Romaine lettuce may be bitter or sweet depending on inner or outer leaves and the time it was picked. Also the varieties of Romaine have a different flavor.... I love to grow this lettuce.
 Lemons may be sweeter or more tart depending on how ripe they are.
The olive oil of course varies greatly in its richness or fruitiness, its sweetness or its spiciness.  I love Alessi. in a little jug.
Extra virgin olive oil for Caesar salad Alesssi

Pepper. Grind it, just a little is needed. Dried mustard.
The bread chosen for the croutons ( Hawaiian for me, or a hearty full grain). The Pecorino Romano and/or Reggiano Parmesans chosen for grating. The green herbs chosen to put on the croutons. Are you using a very fresh farm egg yolk?
Obviously one combination can result in a certain taste, while another combination will result in a different taste. You may lean towards a sweet or mild  salad, or a spicier, more tart and savory salad.
Add that to whether you're drinking it with ice cold Perrier or sparkling water, or a delicious sauvignon blanc or a sweet Chardonnay...

Besides the ingredients mentioned above, you will also need a very large bowl. I use two utensils, a rubber spatula and a spoon or slim pancake turner to gently mix.

You need Worcestershire sauce, and I prefer Lea & Perrins, the others are way too salty. Lea and Perrins has anchovies in it, but if you would like you may use a little bit of anchovy or anchovy paste as well.

some hints

1. The romaine lettuce should be washed thoroughly and put in the refrigerator so that it is ice cold and crisp when used later. I like the deeply formed leaves which one may find at organic stores often or grown in one's own garden. The deeply grooved leaves rather than flat factory grown Romaine can hold the flavors much better.

2. The olive oil should be extra virgin of course and one favorite has been Alessi in the little jug.
I love this stuff

3. Lemons, fresh ground pepper, worchester sauce, 1 or 2 very fresh egg yolks, ground dry mustard.

Wine to drink during preparation

4. Chicken--- only the brand "Smart Chicken" or a local humanely killed chicken, that is, a chicken that has lived a normal life, outside, happy... and was slaughtered in a humble and grateful manner.... read up on Smart Chicken; you will see what I mean. Plus it is the most delicious chicken $ can buy...

5. Garlic. Besides some nice powdered garlic, I take a couple of garlic cloves and warm them with some of the olive oil in a tiny cast iron skillet--- chopped finely while in the skillet with the oil, until the oil becomes extremely warm and the garlic becomes a bit soft. Then turn off the heat, do not cook or simmer.

6. Croutons!.   I pull apart Hawaiian bread into crouton-size chunks or cut/rip a nice whole wheat bread into small squares. I put them on a pan, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with garlic and some green herbs (Italian Blends or perhaps summer savory), a bit of grated Romano or Parmesan cheese and put in the toaster oven until the bread is Toasty. You can undertoast it a bit and let it sit for an hour to get crisp. IF you use a nice whole grain bread like Dave's Killer Breads--be careful. the whole grains can get HARD when you toast. so, toast ever so lightly and let it sit in the over and dry out for an hour or two....

Have to run..Will edit tomorrow

You know what the French say, the best first course is anticipation...

OK here is how i make my Caesar Salad.

How to start.

Pour a glass of Sauvignon Blanc (in the summer).
Play some nice music. If you are in love, perhaps some old Bee Gees.

/the-blacklist-music-sounds-of-silence.html    or this is so nice and uplifting:  the-blonde-in-new-steven-tyler-country.html

First i wash the lettuce and if it is already crisp, i rip some of the large dark leaves into smaller pieces, separate the small inner leaves and put back in the fridge. If it is not crisp i wash and put in the fridge to crisp up for an hour, and rip it later. You may be using a whole head, or just the inside leaves if it is a huge head of lettuce. I guess after ripping into pieces (which are 2 or 3 inches by 2-4 inches in size) and separating smaller leaves, you will have 3-5 cups of lettuce...(The typical huge Caesar bowl is about 3/4 full but settles down as liquids are added...)

i put a little olive oil in a cast iron tiny skillet and chop up some fresh garlic cloves, maybe 2, and heat it gently in the oil. I let that cool, and add it when i add the olive oil later.

I extract a fresh farm egg's yolk. I then juice at least half or a whole lemon on top of the egg yolk in a small cup and let the lemon make the yolk clean and healthy. I also say grace for the good ingredients. Anything can make you sick, anything can make you healthy.... learn to cook and eat with a grateful heart. Say grace!

I take my bread, rip as described above in croutons! and prepare these sometimes even a day ahead of time.

I take a huge bowl and put the lettuce, ripped (sometimes i might cut the huge green leaves for color and nutrients) into pieces, into the bowl. I wipe out any water from the bowl with a clean napkin. I then sprinkle about a teaspoon, maybe up to 3 teaspoons of dried mustard powder onto the lettuce and lightly toss. then a teaspoon, maybe 2, of garlic POWDER and toss lightly. if you use anchovy or paste, you should put that in the bottom of the bowl first and it will slowly become incorporated, -- or you can mix it into the lemon/yolk mixture.

Now you have a big bowl full of lettuce with seasoning on it. you may add some fresh ground pepper, a tiny bit of Italian herbs or I just use summer savory, a wonderful green herb that tastes like pepper, if you like.
Add a tablespoon or two of the Worchestershire sauce and toss lightly.
 Now, mix the yolk and lemon briskly with a fork and pour into the bowl, again tossing lightly. You can add more lemon juice here, up to a full lemon and a half. Add a bit of anchovies paste or an anchovies for more punch. Taste.

The variations in amounts are due to your desire for light or heavy flavor, and how much lettuce is in your bowl.
You really need to taste as you go although until you do it a few dozen times, you won't know exactly how much suits you.

Now, after the lemon it should taste flavorful and a bit lemony. The lemon is going to be balanced by the oil and cheese. So, if you like a lot of cheese, you need to have plenty of lemon and Worcestershire sauce.

I have been known to put the bowl back in the fridge for a few minutes now. (After you add the oil and cheese, you need to serve it as soon as possible for the best taste. Don't get me wrong, i eat this a day or even 2 later, all wilted and weird, but for guests it's nice to have it perfect.)

So, now you add between a third and 3/4 of a cup of fine sweet extra virgin olive oil. Drizzle in and toss lightly. Finally, you will add a cup or more of  FRESHLY, finely grated Pecorino Romano and/or Parmesan. I like the stronger taste of Romano. I must warn, many stores carry bland versions of this cheese... not worth it. Spend the time and money to find a good strong flavorful cheese, grate it yourself. 
One afternoon in Washington D.C. a fine old woman behind the counter at an Italian grocery blanched when i asked her if she could grate my cheese.
 she asked, when are you using it? 
When i told her "tonight"--she was mollified and said, OK then....

Now you have two toppings...IF i may use the word toppings. These turn a healthy, delicious salad into a rich, fabulous, mouth-watering main course which is good enough to make a preacher cuss.
 The croutons, and the chicken.
 I cook my 2 Smart Chicken Breasts with full on spices, Monterey chicken spice, in a skillet in a bit of olive oil. Don't overcook. After resting for a few minutes, I then cut the chicken into pieces ranging from small to large bitesize.

Let the chicken and croutons be slightly warm, or room temperature, but not hot.

You can lightly toss the chicken and croutons, as they will soak up a bit of the spectacular dressing you just made and be the better for it. By lightly toss, i mean use the spatula and the spoon to gently lift and turn the contents of the bowl a few times. Gently! I know, you can arrange the chicken and croutons without tossing, and it looks so nice. That's OK.  It tastes better if you toss.
I sprinkle large shreds of romano or parm on top of the whole thing. a bit of pepper, coarse grind. a pinch of a green herb...

This meal will make your body feel good. It is good for the tastebuds, nutritional intake, intestine, and enjoyment while cooking.

I was asked to make this detailed enough for some friends to follow without error... hope this was accomplished!

Yes it will wilt in the fridge 24 hours later. worries. I eat it until it is gone!



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Sociopaths, Animal Abuse, Michael Vick and Our Own Hearts: Part III (Bump)

Studying animal abuse is a good way (horrifying and enlightening) to explore the dynamics of the sociopath.
(Part II of this discussion is here;  
 Part I is here.)
see the healing of Gypsy,
 the dog in the pic below, HERE

I would like to state clearly that not Every high sociopathic individual is an animal abuser.
Some might even appear to be animal lovers- either

a) because having animals clearly works to show folks how "nice" you are, including as a "babe magnet" -[ ]- and

b) because the dog or cat can provide a good "partner" in self pity, someone to be consoled by, to listen to the complaints, who never argues back. Everything is on your terms. No dog or cat will point out your logic flaws and selfish ways. They actually seem to agree with everything you say! Dang, dude, you are sooo right!

c) sometimes, a high-sociopathic individual will see their relationship with an animal as a source of pride; or they are wise enough to see that being cruel to animals will Out them.

Over time, however, selfish individuals will out.
I once lived next door to a big young good-looking sociopath, probably had an IQ of about 94, just a smidge below the average of 100. I encouraged our neighbor-relationship in order to observe. I will tell you more later re: the troubles and how to exit this type of relationship. Do not try this at homeIn grad school (clinical psych) my focus of study was on the impact of high-sociopathic individuals on the family and the culture. So i called it homework.

This Guy decided he wanted to have a Manx cat, (a tailless variety of cat) because it would make him seem cool. Way cooler than a "regular" cat. His words. Pain alert:
So one day i came home
 and found he had obtained a small black kitten.
 It was Not a Manx.
He had "made it a Manx" by "getting rid of the tail." He did that by using a door. You know, by closing a door a certain way to use it as a Sort of Severing Device.
So, to the babes-to-be, here was a guy who was so sensitive and cool he had a little cat he "loved."
I have little doubt that later he probably told his visitors, "Yeah, he was wounded when i got him. Needed a place to live. He was all busted up; i took care of him..."

I would also state that not all animal abusers are necessarily full-spectrum high-sociopaths. While probably most are, some animal abusers may have other disorders more specific to delusions or psychotic problems, or even showing the effects of socio-cultural learning and expectation factors.

So, returning to the more general discussion: Let the beginning of the obvious structure be:

  • Life is Good.
  • Living Things "Like" to Be Alive.
(or to the soulless evolutionary purists [SEP] out there: Living Things Seem to Behave in Ways that Improve Their chances of Staying Not Dead)
(SEP says, When the mom jumps in front of the car, pushing the child out of the way at the last minute, giving her life to save the baby, that is "explainable" by suggesting that her soulless non-eternal self just "wants" to make sure her genes get passed "along" what, not sure...Huh?)

  • Living Creatures Try Not to Get Dead.

  • We do things during our lives to "please ourselves" -- to make life worthwhile, to meet our ends and goals, whatever they might be.

So, for some [Rick]  it is to find a way to grow hard red wheat in a scorched land of famine.
For some
it is to get as much Gold as possible, and Jewels and Treasure!
For some it is to find a way to get them little malarians to stop sticking they tiny probes into us! thanks bill gates
For some it is to get many people to like or act like they like us, or to buy us things, or to talk nicely about us.
For some it is not to get bored.
For some it is to get other humans to do whatever they are told to do.
For some it is to get control of as much material and personal energy and resources as possible, always growing in influence and power.
 For some it is to feel, once again, as prized as one did when stepdad came into the room really late and was nice, and said nice things; Even though there was pain; there was attention.

For some
    it is not to feel as little and powerless as one did when dad ridiculed and smacked them.
For those
   it is to get big enough and strong enough and Bad Enough that finally, the scared and scarred little hurt one inside, who was not prized and praised by dad, who was belittled and mocked and kicked around like a broken chair, who was wired to get love but only got disgust, and there is that Fear again--i need to get smart enough and quick enough and sharp enough that no one will ever fool or hurt or scare me again.
But one thing is for sure--i will not be the one getting fooled; no one will trick me, i will not be played; i will always be one step ahead. I will be the Player. I will be the one who knows what's going on; I will Not Be the Fool. I will be the one in control. I will have the power. I will win the game.

Once, maybe if someone listened, took over, made things right... once maybe if there had been goodness and justice instead of pain and trickery...

Now my wisdom is my ability to never ever give in again. i will always be a step ahead. i will always know that all is false and so i will be false first.
Trust is Excised Out of Me.

And we
who want to love and ease pain,
we who want to feel good
 by making Others feel good:
We are seduced into Pity and the False Hope of change.

Oh, Sweetie! If only i give you enough love, you will change!!!

little red riding hood

Next: how does Forced Dog Fighting fit into this,

HERE  is one summary of facts introduced at the trial: Here is the Lately deceased Senator Robert Byrd's Speech after the Vick Expose--so impassioned, with rising anger that it was all the YouTube rage at the time.
The lengthier version HERE.



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nothing but Love has Being


The Immaculate Conception... and other things " Mary "

(...For more click HERE


Do you like to study Mystics? Mystery and unfathomable things?  click HERE
The Feast of the Immaculate Conception--
I like every word in this title. 

Blessed Virgin Mary

What is it? HERE and HERE

 My soul doth magnify the Lord, And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior.Because he hath regarded the humility of his handmaid; for behold from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.

Because he that is mighty hath done great things to me, and holy is his name. And his mercy is from generation unto
generations, to them that fear him. He hath shewed might with his arm; he hath scattered the proud in the conceit of their hearts.
He hath put down the mighty from their

seat, and hath exalted the humble.

He hath filled the hungry with good
things; and the rich he hath sent empty away.

He hath received Israel his servant, being

mindful of his mercy:
As he spoke to our fathers, to Abraham
and to his seed for ever.

immaculate conception

Apparition of Blessed Virgin in Hawaii

Little girl speaks to Mary statue

Here is something i just stumbled on and intend to check out re politics and religion;
Here is history of the Fatmina apparition
"...called an aurora borealis, but which other scientists said was beyond being a natural phenomenon. Three months after the light was witnessed, Hitler's armies were on the march.October 13, 1917, the last and most dramatic apparition, commonlyh called the "Miracle of the Sun" was witnessed by 100,000 people. This crowd was amazing since Fatima is ninety miles overland from Lisbon and there was no public transportation. It was raining and windy and the rain kept falling. Drops trickled down the women's skirts of wool and striped cotton, making them heavy as lead. Bare feet of women and hob-nailed boots of men sloshed in the wide pools of muddy road. At one o'clock the rain stopped. The sun seemed to be getting darker. It seemed veiled in gauze and the people could look at it without strain. It began to change into a shining silver disk that grew until it broke through the clouds. Then the silvery sun, still shrouded in that grayish light, began to rotate and wander within the circle of the receded clouds. Thousands fell to their knees upon the muddy ground. The light then became a rare blue,spreading its rays and then the blue faded away and the light became filtered through yellow. Yellow spots fell upon the white kerchiefs and the dark skirts of wool. They were spots that repeated themselves over the landscape. All the people were weeping and praying, weighted down by the greatness of the miracle. All of this took about twelve minutes.
 When it was over, the people who were soaked discovered their clothes were dry. Portuguese newspapers gave detailed accounts and photographs the next day. Copies of the newspapers are on file in the U.S. Congressional Library.

George B. Quatman wanted to impress on everyone who visits the statue at St. Marys Point
of the message of Fatima:
Offer up every day our sacrifices and our daily sufferings to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; say the rosary daily and to meditate on the mysteries; receive the sacraments on the first Saturday of every month; pray for the conversion of Russia and stop using profanity against God.
This information is taken from the Memorial Day issue of The Indian Lake Beacon, May 25, 1988."
Our Lady statue marks 40-year vigil
By Sue Pitts Examiner Staff Writer 5/26/04

another interesting pic here

A woman named patricia devlin wrote a book, The Light of Love.
The wisdom and visions she shares are wonderful (some scary).
When she was born she was put in an oxygen rich tent which destroyed her eyesight.
She has had major health battles and lives a normal life--completely blind--
except she began to receive visions and miracles and now speaks with angels-- her own guardian and many others.
I have made some excerpts from the pages of the book to entice you-- i ordered several off amazon for friends for just a few bucks.

 click on pic to view large

on the loss of a pet:

more patricia devlin here

I have some new stuff to update this post with later as soon as I get to a big computer

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Monday is the first day of the rest of the summer...2012 redux

Yes yes yes. Music Garden Sun Laugh Dogs Cats Birds Horses Peace Rain Clouds Wind Kiss Swim Run Play Tambourines Guitars Turnup the volume Turn down the TV
Yes yes yes. Music Garden Sun Laugh Dogs Cats Birds Horses Peace Rain Clouds Wind Kiss Swim Run Play Tambourines Guitars Turnup the volume
Yes yes yes. Music Garden Sun Laugh Dogs Cats Birds Horses Peace Rain Clouds Wind Kiss Swim Run Play Tambourines GuitarYes yes yes. Music Garden Sun Laugh Dogs Cats Birds Horses Peace Rain Clouds Wind Kiss Swim Run Play Tambourines Guitars Turn up the volume  Turn up the volume

click pic to enlarge

looting: no,no

Be grateful for where you are>>

Yes yes oh yes. Music Garden Love Sun Laugh Dogs Cats Birds Horses Peace Rain Clouds Wind Kiss Swim Run Play Pray Tambourines Guitar love Yes yes yes. Music Garden Sun Laugh Dogs Cats Birds love Horses Peace Rain Clouds Wind Kiss Swim Run Play Pray Tambourines Guitars
Turn up the volume Turn up the volume

Hover dogs!

beauty more here

looting meanness insanity HERE

politics HERE