Thursday, August 14, 2014

What is Fukushima Doing to our Oceans and the Planet?

(and why isn't the mainstream media telling us?}
HERE is a compendium of information:'ve-opened-gates-hell

It's not good.
Like, Wormwood bad.

earlier details about the oceans, loss of sealife, posts HERE

Since the alarm is not being sounded by the so-called journalist and media-- ordinary people, like lifetime divers, are now trying to alert the public.

Friday, July 25, 2014

ARC Identifier 13595 / Local Identifier 96.2. The film presents the social and economic history of the Great Plains -- from the time of the settlement of the prairies, through the World War I boom, to the years of depression and drought. The first part of the film shows cattle as they grazed on grasslands, and homesteaders who hurried onto the plains and grew large wheat crops. The second part depicts the postwar decline of the wheat market, which resulted in overproduction. Footage shows farm equipment used, then abandoned. The third part shows a dust storm as it rendered a farm useless. Subsequent scenes show farmers as they left their homes and headed west. Department of Agriculture. Farm Security Administration. Information Division. (ca. 1937 - ca. 1942). Note that this is the version without the epilogue.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Human Trafficking Interview- Live Radio KCLY

Many of you have been spreading the word-- Listen tomorrow to a young woman who was trafficked, here in the USA.

KCLY radio, Saturday, June 28, 8:00 am live.

there is an app, search KCLY 100.9
(free download)

and the program will be archived at
by noon Monday.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

orange mushrooms and Garter Snakes

After two (spectacularly) heavy rains this week,the array of living things showing their faces increases.
Today i saw a huge garter snake in the main front yard garden: looked like this one

and was very shy.

Then i saw this:


and when i looked it up, i found this funny post

"This weekend was an attack of the stinkhorns! We've had these funky orange mushrooms sprout up before, but never this many of them. They get their name because they emit an odor not unlike rotting flesh; a fantastic thing to have growing outside your front door, for sure...



Thursday, May 22, 2014

Walk Humbly

Act Justly,
Love  Tenderly,
and Walk Humbly with your God... 

The strongest
 are those
who renounce
their own times
a living part 
of those yet to come,
the strongest, 
and the rarest...
Milovan Djilas