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Part 2: Student Stories and Feedback: Aggieville and Violence

student quotes, advice, stories about crime, safety, friends and wolves in sheep's clothing
Part ONE : HERE.

In the past four years, we have collected bits of writing, emails, lengthy stories, recorded narratives,
poetry--written by K-State students regarding the meanness, violence, and sexual theft some humans are perpetrating on others; the "serial rapist," crime in general, crime in aggieville. These focus on safety in aggieville. I think it can be instructive and cathartic for many as well as providing data to the investigative.

Stories & Student experience/ideas about "the issue": Part 2--
I thought it might be an idea to require Aggieville bar staff to undergo training. Aggieville bar owners could
collaborate with police, SANE/SART, Women's Center, WAR, PEERS, Crisis Center etc. to have ALL bar staff trained on what behaviors to look for that make an unsafe environment, signs of use of date rape drugs, and what to do if they suspect someone has been drugged or is in danger of an assault.

I know that underage people get let in all the time to the bars.
Especially Kites. This can be because they know the bouncer or know
someone who knows them or just has a good fake ID. I'm sure that it happens at other bars as well. I know of someone underage that got into Tubbys on a number of occasions, Tanks has let someone in underage
that I know but I'm sure he just has a good fake.

I would say that Bushwackers (formerly Silverados) is a bar that no one I know will go into. It was the only bar I've been to where there was a problem with being groped by guys I didn't even see. I've had guys
try to grope me at Kites but I know I can always just go tell the bouncer and they will throw them out. Rusty's is a bar that makes me a little wary.

I know that a guy friend of mine got beat up in the ally behind Rustys by three other guys.

One concern that I have about Aggieville is that you can't leave your car in Aggieville or else you get a ticket. I think that this encourages people to drive home drunk because they're worried of getting a ticket.

The safety of the Aggieville area is something that should be on everybody's priority list. Aggieville is well lit, but the surrounding residences, which students often walk from to go to the bars, are very
poorly lit, often with no street lamps at all. I lived on Bluemont, a
very major street, and never walked it without a group of friends
 because of the poor lighting. Some ideas for better safety at the
bars: police patrols, trustworthy volunteers, military personnel- to
patrol the Aggieville district at all times... not just on major
holidays. These officials could help ensure the safety of the people
during drinking hours, and afterwards, when people are trying to get home.

Some thoughts from two of my students and their friends on facebook,
asked about Aggieville and safety:
I don't recommend that females walk home alone at night from Aggieville.
It just isn't safe. I would say that for the most part, women aren’t safe in Manhattan.
I've started running again, and the only time I can find to do it is at night, after the sun has gone down. It is insane for me to run alone at night at City Park...there is practically NO lighting. City Park is in desperate need of lighting.

I think the way Manhattan regards the safety of its population, especially the female subset, leaves much to be desired. The rape problem in this town is unacceptable and the way that the town responds
to it is also poor. When a woman is violated, it appears to be common practice to blame her for it, make excuse of some other kind, or simply
ignore it. No one cares. It is like, "Oh yeah, that rapist, yeah that happens sometimes," as though being raped was just a part of everyday life that someone should accept.

I don't think Manhattan has some of the security issues of a larger town. I don't fear being robbed at
gunpoint, or being beaten by a mob, or any sort of criminal craziness,  with the exception of rape. If I were to be harmed in this town, I would expect the violation to come in the most intimate fashion: rape.

Being raped on my way home from a fun night with friends is a true fear of mine, so I hardly ever go out for drinks in Aggieville. If I did, I would not walk home by myself. I probably wouldn't walk home unless I
was with more than five people. Men may not understand this fear. Men may say, "So what? What's the problem with walking home with friends?

You shouldn't walk home alone. protect yourself!" The problem is: men don't have to walk home with friends. THAT'S PATRIARCHY!!! There are barely any street lights between Aggieville and my house. The streets are so dark that, if I did choose to walk home, I'd have to squint to see the sidewalk! This is true; it is not an exaggeration. Young women are unprotected in Manhattan. Some bars in Aggieville don't even
have locks on the bathroom doors. I hear of rape almost everyday, and I am sick of it. I am sick of it. The bars and other businesses in Aggieville seem to be completely unconcerned with Rape. Of course, what do they care? They made their money.

(Hey girl I got into the bars Because I was with Colette and she knew the guys working! It’s standard practice at Silverado’s- underage, after hours.)

Mommy I’m Scared: Thoughts on Aggieville Safety
Aggieville can be a scary place for a young woman to venture to for a night of fun. Many bars do not have adequate numbers of bouncers to sufficiently monitor their establishments. I have been in bars that have patio areas or back rooms that are completely unmonitored, other than the occasional waitress. This creates not only an unsafe environment for customers, but also for waitress staff. Bars need to work on having all areas of their establishments securely monitored.

Another aspect which bars needs to improve upon is monitoring alcohol consumption. Bar tenders and waitresses need to prevent over-serving of alcoholic beverages. There are laws in Kansas against the over-serving of alcohol. Bar employees need to be aware of the laws, and what their job obligations are in preventing over-serving. I have seen a young man puke in the street, walk into a bar, and be served a drink. This is irresponsible of the bars in Aggieville, and needs to stop.
Bars need to pay attention to the upkeep of their establishment. Many bars that I have visited do not have locks on bathroom stall doors. Not only does this create an environment that invades privacy, but it facilitates a dangerous environment. The lock on a stall door may make the difference between someone being assaulted or not. Also considered under the upkeep of the establishment, bars need to have adequate lighting.

The final issue I have with bars in Aggieville is the ways drinks are prepared and staff trained. Drinks should be prepared in front of the customer. Bottles and cans should be opened in front of the customer. I personally know of people who have been drugged in Aggieville by bartenders. This is not a problem for women only, men have been drugged too. I am weary of ordering drinks just because I fear being drugged. Some communities have safe bar training programs to teach staff about rape, date rape drugs, and the rights of the employee. These programs teach staff what to do in various situations including that in which an employee sees someone spike another’s drink. Aggieville should get involved in one of these programs, or possibly start their own!

Aggieville needs more police involvement. I ask, where are the police when someone is being forced to do something, or go somewhere they do not want to go? Where are the police when a drunk girl is being carried down the sidewalk by someone she does not know? The Aggieville police need to spend less time writing parking tickets and more time paying attention to the safety of people!!!

aggieville video after several kstaters went to a miss black and gold event, got some wings, and walked around:
this video was taken around 1 on a saturday night/sunday morning. we were constantly harassed by individuas or groups of men. we were happy to be with each other, were not looking for company. we were polite to those who approached us but they were undeterred. You can see an apparent drug deal, an ambulance taking someone out of silverados, a ladder on the main sidewalk, projectile vomiting, screaming, etc.  other Films taken during the day shows the filthy sidewalks, human expectorants of various kinds all over the street and sidewalks, garbage and unmentionable (gag) in the allys.

more on daterape drugs:

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Student Stories and Feedback: Aggieville, Part 1

In the past four years,  we have collected bits of writing, emails,
lengthy stories,   recorded narratives, 
written by students regarding
the meanness, violence, and sexual theft some humans are perpetrating on others;
For the next few days i will publish some that focus on safety in aggieville. 
I think it can be instructive and cathartic for many as well as providing data to the investigative.

Video of aggieville:

Student experience/ideas
about "the issue":    Part 1

I live on 10th and Moro, right next to Aggieville and every night I come
home from campus (usually on a bike but many times walking) very late
at night, usually at least midnight to anytime after that. I have
had SEVERAL instances where men have followed me very closely, from
Aggieville down the street near where I live. This area is full of
back alleys and it is completely dark. Every time I loose sight of
someone (I always keep an eye over my shoulder) I fear he has gone into
a back alley to follow me where I definitely would not be able to see
him. Every night I fear that I will be "ambushed" at my backdoor from
the dark void behind me. I am sure you are aware of the lighting
situation and will bring it up, but I have another suggestion as well.
When I went to New Mexico State, from the library at any time we could
call a little golf cart with two people on it that would take us to our
apartment or house if it was not too far (I don't know how far that
was) off campus. This would really help if Aggieville had one and
campus had one.

                                                Some will respond, "Stop coming home that late."
There are women over at the Women's Studies Dept., among others,
who have put forth the view that this response is a direct violation of
the concept of Equality in Education.
That is, if women, by virtue of their gender, are unable to stay after dark at the library or in the labs,
that describes a qualitatively and quantitatively Different educational experience.-kt

 I had some friends in town a few weeks ago; I met them for a drink at Tubby's. Turned out, the bouncer @ Tubby's that night was the same guy who drugged me and raped me two summers ago . At the time, he was bouncing at Rusty's, but he's now working at Tubby's....sick, sick, sick in SO many ways.

I am male, and I carry a knife with me if I go to Aggieville. I've seen it too often: guys drinking way too much looking for a fight. They want to fight me and do even worse to a girl. I'm from Kansas City, and in Westport, there are police EVERYWHERE. Anywhere you look, there are police. That's all you need. People in uniform to help prevent fights and rape.

I think you know about our (male) blind student who was beaten-up last April in the bathroom at Tubby's by 4 other men. I just wanted you to have that on your radar as well. The student died in August. I am still not convinced it didn't have something to do with the aneurysm he suffered during the attack (though he did have a brain injury and history of seizures). The official report was that he had an unattended seizure face-down on his bed and  suffocated in his bedding. I did report my concerns about the previous beating to the police after his death (the student did not report it when it happened, but was hospitalized for there was at least that record).
Underage and overserving? Just look at any Greg G. bar. 

Some thoughts... -Police force: Sure they make their way through the bars and "hang out" on the corners of Moro, but they are not intimidating. There are specific times where I remember my friends and I thinking as the police walk through a bar, "oh ya lotta good that's gonna do." In my opinion, if I do not feel protected by the police presence, then why would someone with malicious intentions think twice.

Lighting: Aggieville is fine, but NOT so much as soon as you leave that bubble. I don't even like walking ONE block by myself after bar closing.

-Late night meets last call: Is THE WORST TIME IN AGGIEVILLE. I feel more aware and concerned than some of my friends. When I leave Aggieville, I see things that make me cringe. Groups of guys just hanging out hitting on drunk passersby, especially females. I am intimidated by these situations and have responded negatively (telling someone off) and I've had people get mad at me. It's just a sad insight into what Aggieville does to people. Guys now have the EXPECTATION that women will drop everything and go home with them just because we are out drinking and walk by.

I find myself questioning the motives of "the more sober dude taking her home."

My name is R and I'm in Business Management. I am going to write a letter to student senate asking for more funds for campus security, because I believe that there needs to be more security on campus night and day. With all of the rapes and other assaults that seem to be happening around Manhattan. It's scary being a
twenty year old female living in a different city than home, where crime and sexual assault seems to be a big problem.

I came to K-State two years ago from Colorado State, where I felt safe at all times. There was always security officers patrolling the campus at all times. Also, if I needed someone to walk me to my dorm or to my car there was two security officers that would come and walk me home. The officers were always a male and a female, so I wouldn't feel uncomfortable walking back with two males. I think that the policy at
CSU was a great one and like I said I always saw a security officer  walking around campus at all times. I think that there should be a change at K-State, a safe change at K-State.

I went out with a group of people on Halloween 2008. One girl in our group was under-age. One of the girls who was 21 in our group annoyed the bouncer until he just gave up and allowed the under-age girl to go
in. Not only was the under age girl able to get into Rusty's, but she got alcoholic drinks. I do no know if she bought them herself, or if she had someone else buy them for her.

I talked to someone I know who is a bartender in Aggieville. She said that you serve drinks to get good tips. She also said that many bar tenders do not think it is their responsibility to monitor how much
people drink--besides you get better tips when you give them drinks. A final thing she mentioned is that there is too much going on for her to monitor everyone, so even if she thought someone had too much, or was
drugged there would be nothing she could do since she has so many other things she has to do while at work. My thought about her comments is maybe bars could have more bartenders or bouncers there at a time, and make sure they know what to do.

A few guys I spoke with said that over the years they have been over served at various bars in Aggieville. They also said that they think stopping the crime in and surrounding Aggieville is pretty much
hopeless. They said the police don't care enough, and there aren't enough officers to watch everyone. One guy said that all the police care about is writing DUIs, not protecting people who are trying to
walk home.


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Cat on Couch and Patience


There are good things for those who wait.
But one must not wait idly, like a cat. One must inculcate the knowlege that preparation and readiness are prerequisites for coming good things. Put compost in your soil. Secure the barnspace from rain. Nurture a grateful heart. Be kind to all who come into your path.
And wait for the sound of the Can Opener.

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Burnese Mountain Dog Named Custer

Still a Pup and EnOURMOUS.
It was fun to "pet" this gentle happy silly giant. Gooddog.
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Custer the Burnese Mountain Dog

Custer, Bernese Mountain Dog
Custer, the Bernese Mountain Dog visting K-State from Ft. Riley

Custer, the Bernese Mountain Dog

Custer, A Bernese Mountain Dog

more pics of Custer the Burnese Mountain Dog  at Pets We Love

He was rolling around in the grass outside the Alumni Center like a tiny puppie
after the Welcome to K-State's new Communications VP.
The KSU Media Relations says,
" MANHATTAN -- A marketing and communications professional with experience in both the private sector and public higher education has been tapped to lead Kansas State University's communications and marketing efforts. Jeffery B. Morris will return to his alma mater as vice president for communications and marketing. He is the first to hold that post and will begin work at K-State Feb. 1. Currently, Morris is chief communications officer for the University of Central Missouri, where he developed an award-winning integrated marketing strategy." Additional activities include Habitat for Humanity mission team leader and volunteer on two international mission trips; Boy Scout leader; and youth sports coach for soccer and baseball."
Bernese Mountain dog pup:

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The Real Santa:
The Real Santa by mary todd
more real santa HERE

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Tired hurt little puppys. puppies. pups. and the beautiful Loca. Sweetest Bulldogs.

We all get tired and hurt and exhausted. 
Wish we were as cute as these little boneheads.

How did you get to be so cute?

sweetest bulldog pups
Head too  heavy...

but we will be back tomorrow!

Play Bulldog from the aforementioned Calendar.

I did not take these pics. they were taken from the internets, lolcats, from friends' emails, and the calendar.
a friend's bull:
Bulldog on the Beach

More Bulldog HERE

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Hope for Haiti - Stevie Wonder, Alicia, Christina

If you watched Hope for Haiti Last night, you know that there were a couple of stellar performances. It seemed apparent that a few of the Stars put a lot of thought into their performance and prepared a special song. Be sure to see Stevie Wonder
and i guess among all the really great female singers that Rocked it last night, Chistina aguilera really DID IT: and this might be a better recording)
Alicia keys had trouble starting but wailed it by the end...
The MOST AMAZING singer was the Haitian Woman emily michelle-- Do not Miss her performance all the way through   Don't know how long these links will be OK.

Stevie says, "we make time to debate.." etc.  "when will there be a time to love..."

Haugh to Laugh - Don't Tase Me, Bro!

Please. from  yes, silly. yes, laugh out loud. yer point?

Cuz if you don't laugh, you kno what will happen.....