Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Drug Facilitated Rape

So called, "date-rape drugs" are here
in Manhattan, Kansas.

They are one Method a rapist uses to Facilitate a rape.
The use of these for crimes has been rising for several years now.
I have dozens of case files where there is little doubt that surreptitious drugging occurred. 
they are particularly Horrible because (depending on the drug[s] used)
the victim can appear euphoric, comatose, awake but groggy, or even peaceful.
The one being Drugged can be COMPLETELY oblivious to what is happening Around them or To them.
And by the way, these drugs can be FATAL.For more info:

The one thing that is most GALLING is that since they disappear from the human system so rapidly, there is little residual evidence of them and thus, their use is rarely mentioned in court.
During trials,
[where the crime victim's family and friends Know that drugs were used, due to the Completely Out-of -Character appearance and behavior of their friend]
only alcohol intoxication is usually allowed to be mentioned.
It is very hard for crime victims not to mention 
that they were overcome with a strange confusion, out-of-body experiences, motor skills problems, and memory blackouts Completely Different than an alcohol experience. 
It is a legal conundrum we need to address. 
That is, if we are interested in trials getting to the TRUTH. 

A note to sweet folks 
who have a hard time believing that 
that "nice guy"  could commit such a crime:
Every perp who rapes also Lies, usually lies very well.
-- the Lies are very similar in case after case.
No woman goes through this massively disrupting ordeal for trivial reasons.
Remember, the FBI state that there are more people who try to Fake their own Death than people who try to turn in false reports of rape.

I know that Justice comes. 
I read this from Richard Alpert/Baba Ram Dass: The mills of God grind exceedingly slow, but they grind Exceedingly Fine.

Love, Peace, Thanks and Blessings to all who do the hard work, who stand up, who put themselves out on the firing line, who endure through insulting Snake-like hissings. You will never know all who have been helped by your actions and sacrifice.

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  1. Wisdom from grain science. Thanks for blogging.