Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wendy Murphy Takes Em to School: Spinning on the Head of a Pin

Spinning on the Head of a Pin

The Economist put out a silly piece which Wendy Murphy handled.
See how you would reply to this article.

Here is the original piece:
which DISTORTS things in many clever little and some shameful ways.
Are you aware of how much and how cleverly some smart people are able to completely distort the truth?
Sex offender registries are Needed.) (the economist did not mention Phillip Garrido)
Think for a bit

and i will shortly post Wendy Murphy's Rockin Takem to School reply.

Wendy and Women's Center staff during her visit here last year.

(God bless Jaycee Lee Dugard)
and here's to the Sex Offender registry,

Is Wendy Murphy's reply.

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