Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Digital versus Analogue. Rape is internal battering, Fu'cryin' Out Loud

You know the dif between digital and analogue?
Imagine a hill.
now change the smooth curve of the hill into tiny right angles, like a bar graph.
it may come close,

but no matter how tiny
you make the right angles,
(yes, in music the sound is cleaner in some respects but ) something is still lost.
That's why some folks prefer the record album to the CD.
It struck me
that many people are defining themselves; they have web spaces, phones, sites, spacebooks, myface, all telling themselves and each other who and what they are about.
it is tempting. i feel a bit vain when i do it. here are my colors. here are my interests.
 (when is the last time i actually walked on the beach at suset?)
in all the arranging and
compiling and picking out gadgets,
there seems to be little time to actually BE that awesomely described person.
The women and men i know that are busy being Something rarely have the time to sit and text and type and fill in quizzes to see exactly what type of person they are.
I was thinking
that the
law enforcement and medical and advocacy and legal personel who help victims of violent crime
need to have plenty of analogue.
we need to stay fully human
and not get too caught up in the rigidity of the repetition.
we need the softness of the curve, not the neatness of the right angle.

I really want
the police officers to assume the woman or man or child is telling truth when s/he tells of her rape.
FBI says MORE people FAKE their own DEATH than lie about rape!!
it is much better
isn't it?
 to find out
(pretty quickly) that the 1 or 2 in 100 are kinda lying even though you treated them with respect,

than to inflict
the worst thing
the thing you don't want to have happen to your mother or sister
                                       (nightmare of unbelief)
on the traumatized.
"are you sure you were raped?
"are you SURE you weren't just drunk?
"ARE YOU SURE you aren't just sorry you had sex!?
you seem really horribly drugged or wasted or crying or wounded or speechless or animated or freaked out or angry or insane or out of your mind or unable to communicate, i am going to interrogate you now and insinuate in  front  of your     freaked out   (because you have never been like this in your life)      friends                                                                                                  and
             your family that you are lying.

By the way,
Rape is not sex.
Rape is internal battering.
Rape is theft.
Rape is a short-term kidnapping and selfish thuggy filthy meanness.
Fucryin out loud.

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