Friday, September 11, 2009

Believe Everything You Read

Perception Truth
Reporting Fabrication
"we do not see things as they are
We See them as We are"
May i just say,
the past few days
 i have taken (again)
 a lesson from the Media.
(and if  this is true with my little self, i imagine it happens with regularity everywhere)
They get things wrong
All the time.
everyone i know is afraid to speak to the media due to the history of being misrepresented.
They are Reporters, it is their job.
they mistake the statistic.
they misstate the most important points.
in fact, conveying the opposite
of what was actually stated.
They shave off 10's of IQ points with every "quote."
Correcting it is impossible, tortured nuance.
i gave in writing
through email a description
of the Just Ended rape trial, man was found guilty beyond
any Reasonable Doubt,
 here comes sentencing,
here's what's at stake.
" come to the sentencing hearing."
next morning the headline in the newspaper read,
Rape Trial to Begin.
Somehow the reporter had missed the ENTIRE point and PLOT of the story!
they cut and pasted my comments however they needed to support a false story i did not recognize..
this past week
with our AG visit
every news outlet, from paper to tv, had mistakes.
perhaps KMAN radio did not,
the radio records and replays.
or, as would be reported,

and by the way, people can sign any comment anywhere using Your Name.
Be Brave in the new World.
September 11, 2009

Just don't jump the gun.

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