Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rape is Internal Battering; The Crime Belongs to the Criminal

Along with a bit of felonious short-term or long-term kidnapping,
Rape is Internal Battering, Physical Assault, and Theft.
I no longer mention "sex crime" at all in the beginning of discussions & presentations.
(in order to set the tone of the "CRIME belongs to the criminal")
The discussion can always be expanded
to discuss the sexual component.
I do not believe most folks know
what it means to be controlled by another person,

The Fear which causes the worst trauma
is related to the controlling, battering,
hateful utterly selfish aspects of the crime.
It seems to me that many women "decide
to forget about" the crime because they feel they can get over the sexual violation.
Then the reality:
serious trauma is due to kidnapping,
Betrayal, fear of injury/death
Trust loses out to Mistrust
(That is, if you are a normal competent intelligent person...

Be generous with yourselves...

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