Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Black Fox (Goethe

Driving on the Zeandale Road
Beck v crazy

How long does it take to know someone?

The presentation
Art of Rape  will continue, hoping for this Fall,
with an emphsis on the perpetrator in the first Art,
the Art of the one Being healed the focus of the second.

The Perfect perpetrator can convince anyone he is sane
and good.
better than good.

How do you know that someone is not evil or crazy or warped by their wounds and transgressions? how long must you know them or is it their level of transparency
the transparency and authenticity of the wolf are ALMOST  real,
almost detection proof.
Ponder this emotion: Self Pity.
you can squeeze alota tears
out of that one
I ask ,
from an evolutionary theory,
or conditioning, behavioral, cognitive, or psychodynamic view
Please to explain the daily existance of Evil.

You first.

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