Thursday, September 5, 2019

Choose Love. Choose Life. There is evil strong.

I will post many more, but this one....
This one must be pondered for hours, days.

This one explains the miracle of dogs.
Don't look away, rather, look long.

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After not being loved, they love. The miracle of dogs.
 They return to hope, faith love, after a life of sorrow and pain.
Oh, that humans could be as good as dogs....

Those faces ....were not choices. 
Those pups cannot choose to put on a face, they are manifestations of what is truly within

The stories are here...

Not for the faint hearted.

Men will have much to explain when standing before before the almighty Creator of Good.

From the site:

Wandering around new York city

After a whole lot of love and care from Second Chance Rescue, Kimmy's smiling again.

Chowda rocks the head-tilt while he poses for the camera in his new, loving home.


Videos here

This is a repost from many years ago. . . .