Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Daily News in the KC Star Any Given Day

The Ugly File.

Well, when you start reading
the NEWSpaper after an absence, it can fill you with the gut wrenching puking mindblowing sadness / incredulity that humans actually Chose to treat other living things in deliberate acts of creative cruelty you thought could only be imagined by cranked-up hotZine writers.

But no.

Two good brothers shot up and stuffed in a shopping cart, left in an abandoned house to die, probably because they chose college instead of banging/dealing;
a mother shooting herself dead since her 9 year-old daughter refused to do it (that ought to teach her)
and on
and on.
Ok. Toe in water; weekend for holiday;
go get a cool slice of melon and try to remember why.
Here is a pretty picture

 for some balance. (Once Chili learned there were shrimps given out for jumping the fence he couldn't stop jumping morning til night... heh)

Konza Prairie Dog has little wings on her back feet. click to enlarge)

Shabby Clothes Make the Woman

Every dry cleaners I go to seems to want me to Sign a Waiver that my clothes were
 already in “that” condition. 
They wonder why i want something cleaned when the seams are coming apart,
there are burn holes and tears, the elbows are worn away...
It’s not because I’m thrifty—I see my sisters laughing—If I find a shirt I like at target I’ll buy 6 of them- 1 in each color and two in black.
But the things we love
that make us feel good
make us look good we wear. we wear,
we wear until we wear to threadbare.
Do we wear each other out as well?
The people we love, who make us feel good--
who feel nice to bring on-
do we wear them out as well?

I'm going to wear my shabby clothes to my most important meetings.
I will good-naturedly cite my salary needs if anyone dares make a comment.

Thought: Why should we have "nice" clothing?
Why should CEOs and college presidents
and starbucks managers and basketball coaches have perfect beautiful clothing?
 Let alone the ministers the rabbis and priests. (while so many are naked, covered only in flies?)
The again, why are we watering the lawns
outside the administration building while people are thirsty?
A theory of evolution
might suggest that we who are the strongest and able to make/get/produce these things should have them,
Thin the Herd,
baby, every little human body is only
 a piece of  flotsam and jetsam;
 if no silly flimsy thing like a "soul" is there, who cares?
 If we are molecular collections of meaningless life, take the best, forget the rest.
That is why a journalist does not" interfere" with what is happening as he takes his pulitzer-award winning photos?
The non-interference clause?

If Jesus Comes Back on the Day that i am wearing my expensive earrings and the best leather shoes (i will not tell how much i spent )
-- if i am draped in material goods that are not torn, worn, frayed, and shabby,

OMG will i be totally embarrassed.

Pick one:
a student sent me this today and begged me to watch it.

 (see how we beg for each other's precious time.)


Real value:   (warning explicit)

 you can watch the Icy Bling Bling!
but here is the real meaning of life? (explicit)

I'm glad i'm not a yout.
How will they make it through the first 20 years?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sweetest Fridays in Summertime

Ok I will be back posting this week.
 Not posting felt like not eating pizza, chocolate, or italian for 2 weeks.
here are some beauties to ponder; all from The Daily Puppy:
click to enlarge

australian shepherd

shiba inu



and a very cute irish setter pup.

sweetest black labs HERE

Sunday, May 23, 2010

There Are Only Wounds Where There Is Love RK Illumination

Wounds Can Only Be Where There Is Love

                                                                            RK Illumination II

Tiny squirrels like caricatures are about.
They have won the evo-race for enchanting cuteness as you’d think tiny squirrels would.
They wander about.
They are not road-wise and many drivers not patient.

So many of the little bits of life merge back quickly
into the cycle, it is the Deepening
Scenery of the country life.

A still body
in the road ahead--
A cat.
And the sorrow increases with a strange layer-- more than if a skunk-
(No one would mourn a skunk? You hope it is a skunk, one without babies)
but it’s a cat..?
In that house just  there
will be a crying
woman and a teared up little boy because there was Max, a family member, lying smashed in the road just by the driveway.

The mourning of the cat is due to the love that was given it in life....
(When a thing is loved, it gains some sort of spiritual or physical or molecular or ethereal weight?
(When one loves another, the lover gives credence and power and life to the love object?

A dog.

well loved
becomes so filled with loveforce
that many weep and mourn inconsolably at his passing, far more than for a human member of the family not given such infusions of love.

God loves the skunk.
(They say, Not a sparrow falls to the ground but He knows.)

Life ending is a Resisted Gift and a Wound.

The Road in the Sun.

when you see it is a dog,
the circles of sorrow grow large,
you cannot help but see them, they blind you,
large and crashing like the
saltwater waves he liked to play in
coming again and
again to the shore

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Soon, Very Soon

Yes I've been away but have a few things to say about some recent events- back posting soon!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Konza Prairie Dog of the Thunderpaws Tribe

Good Dog!
Konza Prairie Dog


Konza the Wildcat       
wanna see me Jump? click HERE

sweet face. whata mug.
konza in catnips

Konza in Light by Mary Todd

more jumping HERE