Friday, February 28, 2014

karma, interrupted: ...

karma, interrupted

A very young grey cat found on Main Street, with bullet/shot of some sort in her little body; one pellet still and forever in her upper left cheek…
She lived a dozen years
 in Shangri-La: idyllic and wild farmlife with acres of grasses and trees and small creatures for…chasing—leaping---
  human companions who walked the grounds, perfect and solicitous vet care...
Of an evening
 she is taken by one of the lovely bald eagles that live down at the river.
 Instant karma’s gonna get you, the perfect karmic resolution to a life where she too played the Predator, taking a mouse or wren as easily as the eagle took her…

I walk into the living room and ask, what if we were Buddhist enough, our zen perfect, and 
we experienced
 the death of the cat as a slate wiped perfectly clean, karmically:
Look, the eater of birds has been eaten by a bird;
freeing her for her next visit, unencumbered..
 and calmly, wondrously ponder the order of karma…the dispassionate truth of dharmic balance; the peaceful Void, the great oohhmm.
But no. 
Where there is Love, the space-time of karma is interrupted.
There is no void; 
Love is the light which pierces the darkness.

with love comes pain
for now


On all the levels



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