Thursday, February 27, 2014

All these hard times will pass

So many have called me or written about the injustices and numerous seemingly unanswered violent and wicked acts.

I do know, beyond any personal doubt, that all things are seen and will be accounted for.
There will be Justice.
We are in an age of grace and mercy.
Those who will not move toward the light during this time will be mightily shocked when Love Manifests Infinitely, Eternally...

please everyone, stay in the light

Everything is OK in the end.


  1. Great message of hope to be sure

    That 2nd picture with the cloud, did you take that picture last year? I remember in the morning at PT on Fort Riley that cloud formation just like that came right over us, it looked like a scene out of Independance Day.

    1. it was taken in 2011. gotta love the kansas skies!