Sunday, April 16, 2017

All Rapists Are Serial Rapists. 6 years ago....redux

We are grateful for all the work SANE SART nurses do for crime victims, and the work that law enforcement does to try and get criminals off the streets.
But many folks do not listen to radio, read papers, and talk of such things as rape.  --Sexual assault awareness is important. Risks are faced each day by many.
Imagine! every day, a significant portion of the population faces the risk of being deeply, deeply hurt by those of their own species!

One problem is that folks do not understand the type of person who rapes. Those who bully, who steal, to feel better about themselves.
 Read about this type of person (a seven part series) HERE and HERE.
We must constantly be on the lookout for this type of manipulator.

By WE i mean
primarily women--young women, older women, very old women, girls.
 Women who dress like nuns and
women who dress like joggers and women
who dress like me and women who dress like
your mother and your sister and your daughter.
Women who have had a beer, women who have had four beers, teetotalers,
 Women who have been Given a Drug to make them groggy and forgetful.
(Women who are virgins,
women who have children, women who are partenered or married or chaste or active,
women who trust and are kind to strangers.)

Also children--
very cute and precocious children,
well-trained children, mean disobedient children,
boy and girl children.

Every day i am aware of the Loss of Freedom We endure because we do not want to be Assaulted by Men of our Own Species. We do not want to be kidnapped or held down for a minute or an hour or a day.
We do not want diseases and cuts and bruises.
We do not want another person to belittle and hurt and taunt us,
inner things that belong to no one else but us.

We do not want anything rammed into our bodies anywhere.

Read Marge Piercy's amazing,
Rape Poem click HERE
 my point.

do not film the sunrise and we do not paint the sunset.
We do not watch the birds on the lake at dusk.
WE do not look at the radically purple and red petunias glowing at the end of light when
the huge humming moths come.
We do not sleep with the windows open, the fresh Flint Hills air bringing hay scent and a horse's whinny, crickets, lavender into our dreamy sleep.

We do not hike alone.

We do not swim alone.
We do not wander the trails at Tuttle, writing poems and sketching the tall ripe grasses.
We do not leave our apartments for a study break at 2, like the Other Students do,
for a tasty pita sandwich in the 'ville.
To lower our risk we have given a lot.
can we all gather to find something new?
no matter how much we give up to Lower Our Risk
We are assaulted anyway.
Can we talk about this?

(Someone always suggests that Perhaps
males must Stay In after 8 and are not allowed to Walk Alone during the day in secluded places. this suggestion provokes a group chuckle, then silence
the actual daydreamy thought of living
safe freedom in our own space and time--of living without fear--shocks us 
in its absence.

more HERE.