Wednesday, December 7, 2011

German Shorthaired Pointer: The Sweetest redux (note to self)

Lately i've seen little german shorthaired pointer puppies like Hogan getting walked in the city park. I'm getting pulled --German Shorthair Pointers seem wonderful. and i've noticed once a person has one in the family they always seem to want another. (large pic Sweetest Hogan at bottom of this post). When photographing a German last year (below) i felt a sense of True Dogness. That is, they maintain their race/culture/breed/tendencies regardless of their surroundings. Question for picking out a dog:
Do you want a dog that takes on your qualities, "oh she's almost human!" or one (Like a Chessie) that has it's own self and is navigating the world, just as you are?
more puppy at bottom of page

the daily puppy Chester

Hogan, german shorthair Woodcut
More Hogan below...
These next 5 pics were taken (Canon powershot) on
K-State campus.

i found this excellent site looking at germans! :
 it is a wide-ranging site which displays fun, wit and pathos
one of the 14 alter ego lives i will never get to lead--i found these two pics:

I can eat happy tonight. I'm late because i could not get off this excellent webplace!
and also  
For a very Poignant story (and more pics) about these two: click HERE

Drumbeat: Sweetest German Shorthaired Pointer
Here is Hogan:
Sweetest German Shorthair

Hogan, the sweetest German Shorthair

Hogan, Sweetest German Shorthair

Here's a Mug for ya lick to enlarge!


Sweetest Chocolate Labs: HERE

Update Here is more Hogan from The Daily Puppy:


Hogan, The Sweetest German Shorthair

Be a Good Dog.
google images cutie
College girls: get a dog, not a boyfriend for the
first four years HERE.

Click on pics to view enlarged
The Calendar: HERE

from the Daily Puppy

mastiff pointermix  mates HERE
Mastiffs HERE

pepper,  service dog

Bowl o Bostons

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