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Penn State Victims Endure Waiting for Trial; Ask One in Four Women About Post-Rape Trauma

Sandusky, of Penn State Fame, hired attorneys who Truly care about Justice and Truth.
a hahahahaha heh heh. hahahaHAHAH
OK, they want to get their client off.
They seem to have decided that the information that might come out during a preliminary hearing would be so damning [particularly if there is little space for cross-examination] that the entire population will be tainted, in considering a jury pool.
 That is,
 that we will all think, Yeah, the guy is as guilty as they come.
--get the trial over with and put him away... SO
let's not do this yet.

In light of the cancellation (waiving) of the preliminary hearing, the media has been putting an issue out there, about the trauma of the victims and how getting ready for a legal proceeding is stressful, traumatic, and puts everything on hold in their lives. *

And I am glad they are talking about this. Because those of us who work in the field know that this is going on all the time. Victims REPEATEDLY prepare for court appearances, preliminary hearing, the trial itself, and the defense attorneys get delay after delay after delay. This helps the defense because--
  • memories are less clear over time. descriptions change a little bit here and there and defense attorneys put these little changes together and cast them as GIANT lies. The victim must be lying.
  • people such as witnesses move away. in our little town, if a witness moves away the city attorney may not be able to pay to have them fly back and stay in a hotel for 2 days.
  • the victim may get tired of all the lengthy delays, her life put on hold, and drop the charges.
  • the victim may move well through the healing process. During her testimony, she is not crying, she is now strong, no longer traumatized. Defense attorneys use this as proof she is lying! If you don't believe this happens, you need to go to some trials. Here and HERE and HERE ** are some posts from a trial  here where the Victim and all the witnesses were basically called liars by the defense attorney. The beginning of this blog, august 2009, has many posts about truth and lying, assault types, etc. etc.
To read the story of a wonderful K-State student--who was drugged, assaulted, raped--, and the legal aftermath, who speaks to this very issue, click HERE

What has struck me about the Jerry Sandusky Penn State Case is how respectfully the victims are being treated by the media. I am glad for that and that many issues are being raised. Because it has seemed to me that people do not want to hear about it, when the subject is women. Across the country and the globe, women are raped in epidemic proportions. And the legal system is not working well in this area.
Many times i have supported a young woman who was told, Again, that the day she had prepared for was postponed.
The legal system seems almost afraid to prosecute rape. maybe jurists believe the TV and think most women are lying. Which is crazy. (lying HERE and  more about false reports )

See  these posts:

* More HERE and also HERE
and as Jennifer Storm said, "...But what about the victims. Imagine the roller coaster these individuals have been placed on over the past years since this investigation began. They have been forced already to recount horrific details of the abuse to their attorneys, both civil and prosecutors, and to a grand jury. But not once yet have they had the opportunity to face Sandusky, the monster in their lives, and tell their truth. Instead, they have had to endure seeing his face on the cover of every magazine, newspaper and TV news and entertainment show. They have had to worry that every time they leave their home they could run into him, as he was until a week ago out free on bail with no restrictions, they have to worry that the media will chase them and expose their identifies. In fact, for one victim who was all but totally exposed by the media, he had to leave his high school as he was being bullied, harassed and threatened horribly.
they cannot speak out publicly, for if they do, each and every word they speak will be ripped to shreds in the court of public opinion. If they say one word that is different than their grand jury testimony, their credibility will be attacked, as we have already seen with the star witness in this case.
Yet today,
every one of them was ready to take the stand and face their accuser, they were ready for their day in court but at the last minute, Sandusky had the chance to re-victimize them one more time by taking that chance away from them. Rightfully, some are angry, frustrated, annoyed, upset. They had to go home and now must wait again.

** and more about that trial

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