Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sweetest Donkey, er, Burro, uh, Ass, --Coyote Watchdog

I heard from my farmer friend that a donkey will protect sheep from coyotes. When a coyote comes around, the little burro just trots up to look at it.
No matter where it goes around the sheep, the donkey will follow it around looking at it. Hilarious!
 I have some video i will post below of this MAGnificent little donkey, who lives in the Flint Hills of Kansas.    I passed by the lovely creature on the road a few miles from my house, and yes, it was at a farm where i often see lambs  and sheep... The face of this particular burro is Priceless. click on pics to enlarge, some are very big files.

Sweetest Donkey

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Christmas Video:


  1. Finally found you to thank you for the wonderful donkey pictures I found on my sidewalk Christmas morning! Most interesting gift and mystery I received in ages!

  2. And I am glad to hear it. I do have a couple more pics for you and would love to ask you about that Fine donkey!