Friday, December 9, 2011

Trauma is normal for healthy people after being betrayed and internally battered. It is not normal to hurt another person.

If you are on a rollercoaster of depression, happiness, normality, freaked-out-ness, anger, hatred, love, anger, sadness, confusion, ok ness, anger, withdrawal, peace, fear--
and that is in the first 10 minutes of the day--
You Are Normal. It means you are a normal intelligent competent person reacting to trauma.
As you continue to heal, you will become Strong at the Broken Place- like a bone does after trauma.

I am going to expand this thought later this week. In the meantime, look at these.

If you hurt people, force, steal, rape, charm, trick, lie--please read this HERE


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  2. This is a good site too.

  3. KatyTold,
    You mentioned that you work with college students who've been the victims of sexual assault. I just wanted to pass on the link for a campaign recently started by a former University of AL student . The student's (Bergen Baucom) efforts to change the dialogue on acquaintance rape on college campuses have actually grabbed the media's attention, and she was recently interviewed on CNN. You can find more information about the movement on her website if you're interested. Thought I'd pass it along. Thanks!

  4. Very excellent website. I sent it out to our student group today. Thank you!