Thursday, December 15, 2011

December in the Flint Hills: Kansas Winter Distills the Heart into Great Plains

Geese and hawks, barns and silos, moon and stars, farms and windmills, wildcats, trees and grasses are painterly details for the Great Sky and the Great Plains.

the flint hills of kansas are
to the west of the osage questas
which run through lawrence and
in the middleof the Konza Prairie.
more geese HERE
and HERE

The Flint Hills of kansa are my back yard.

More Flint Hills click HERE  and



  1. Just came back from a visit to Kansas' Fort Reiley, and loved the Kansas prairie vista and rolling hills along I-70. I am trying to re-visit all the images I have seen but couldn't captured with my camera at the time.
    THanks for posting and sharing.

    Marina L

  2. thank you. they are wonderful hills, and they create a good space inside too. google The Flint Hills of Kansas are My Back Yard for more images..

  3. We live in the Flint Hills too - 20 miles north of Manhattan. They've gotten overgrown in this area giving it a wilder look, but I love it. The deer and turkey pass through our yard every now and then. We have a natural spring feed creek (Shannon Creek which our road is named after) nearby to cool off in the summer. We raise beef cattle on my husband's family farm. We've recently started an open farm group on Facebook called Sons of Agriculture. I'd love for you to share photos there.