Sunday, December 18, 2011

Farms in Kansas: Beautiful Sunrise, Cows Mooing, and Clouds Screaming Color!

Even though my fingers were FREEZING i left the pile of warm cozy, ran outside and took some videos (posted below) of a typical fabulous Flint Hills Sunrise. I love the Konza Prairie! I love the Great Plains! (is Great Plain an oxymoron?)

Most Photos are untouched but shrunk.

 The morning moon seemed wrapped in a grainy fog.

 Dead Sunflowers Reach for Strange Clouds

 Sailfish in the Sky.
 Click on pic to view large.
 The view north.

 I will insert the videos after a couple of whimsy moments:

and in the daytime:

very Large File: Bare Trees in Morning Moon Light

The Flint Hills of Kansas: HERE

more moons HERE

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