Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Excusing Charlie Sheen (battering, shootings, death threats) with a big silly grin? Holy Moley! (Update)

(Charlie Sheen Update HERE)Janis Nin, the NBC Today show "expert"
grins like a cheshire cat while she talks about charlie sheen's shooting, beating, assaulting his various girlfriends. she says his badboy image is cute enough to get him a pass. she says he's incredibly talented, so... well....
watch the interview:
this is the interview this morning-- she does not come on until the second half.

here is the home site.  http://today.msnbc.msn.com/
more and the transcript on this later. I have to go outside and have some fun.

i already banged my head against the wall so you don't have to. just call or comment on nbc and tell them to educate that silly little puppet!!!
Fu' Cryin' out Loud!!

Update: Charlie says no drugs is too boring.
excerpt: Whole story HERE

"Wildman actor Charlie Sheen, barely out of hospital from his latest reported drug-and-booze meltdown, said Tuesday he has no intention of mending his ways. "I was sober for five years a long time ago and was just bored out of my tree," he said in a phone call to DirecTV/Fox Sports Radio host Dan Patrick.
"It's inauthentic -- it's not who I am. I didn't drink for 12 years and, man, that first one, Dan. Wow."
Sheen, star of the TV series "Two and a Half Men" and the son of actor Martin Sheen, has become nonstop tabloid fodder with escapades allegedly involving hard drugs, hard drinking, prostitutes and porn actresses.
Two weeks ago he checked into rehab after being rushed to hospital with "severe abdominal pains" from a reported drug- and booze-fueled bender.

The emergency required suspension of production on "Two and a Half Men," in which Sheen, 45, plays a hedonistic bachelor. In his rambling radio interview, Sheen suggested he should get back to work while he still could. "Check it. It's like, I heal really quickly. But I unravel pretty quickly. So get me right now, guys," he said, addressing the show's producers.
TMZ, a celebrity news site, reported that Sheen had been partying with five women, including a porn star, and a briefcase full of cocaine at the time of his last meltdown. 
The star filed for divorce from his wife of two years in November, days after being taken to hospital following a reported drunken incident at a luxury New York hotel involving another porn star. In addition to his reported substance abuse, Sheen had several run-ins with the law in the 1990s in cases related to drugs, domestic violence and prostitution.
Sheen laughed off his problems Tuesday, saying the good behavior clause in his TV contract was irrelevant.

"Yeah, blah, blah, nitpick, nitpick," he said. "I haven't read it, but I don't think it covers 'Let us totally dominate and interfere with your personal life.'"

He said crack cocaine was bad, but not for everyone.
"I said stay off the crack, and I still think that's pretty good advice, unless you can manage it socially. If you can manage it socially, then go for it, but not a lot of people can, you know?"  Copyright AFP 2008

Birds of the Blizzard and Cat on a Winter Fence

Many birds came to eat and drink. I'm afraid i took most pics through a not-so-perfect-window.
But here is a tufted titmouse, i think a bit west of the usual range, and crows battling the winds.

simple shot of snow on field with a photoshop enhancement

Monday, December 28, 2009

Blizzard for Christmas 2009

One upside is all the birds who came for a drink and a bite. here is a crow video and a hare hiding at the beginning of the blizzard. can you spot the rabbit under the tree? the yard varied  from almost bare to 5 foot drifts due to the powerful wind here.
crows in blizzard

hare in blizzard

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Find the River

Me, my thoughts are flower strewn I have got to leave to find my way. Watch the road and memorize This life that pass before my eyes. The river to the ocean goes, A fortune for the undertow. There is nothing left to throw Of ginger, lemon, indigo, Coriander stem and rose of hay. Strength and courage overrides The privileged and weary eyes Of river poet search naivete. Pick up here and chase the ride. The river empties to the tide. All of this is coming your way

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Love Endures All Things (The Real Santa)

The Real Santa     more REAL SANTA pics HERE

The Real Santa Claus photo by mary todd
The real santa, the sweetest santa

Don't let anyone tell you
that love has no trials.
Love is what is left after the trauma; pain, suffering, sacrifice; wounds which seem to be unbearable, heartbreak which seems to wend its way deeper and deeper into
one's heart.

I know that the Power of Love exceeds all things.
Love allows Hope to live and Faith to endure.
So when the dark comes, say hello; this trial will pass.
When it seems as if you will die of sorrow, allow reason to rest.
Peacefully Go to the Center of Sorrows.
Love will bring you back.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Are You Ready?

if you listen to final stanza your skin will thrill. you'll see.

This Will Pass--But why not Get A Dog?

Well, i've been accused of anthropomorphizing before so don't bother.
But, please
if you are able, go to the shelter and get a dog.

 On stopping puppy mills:

Please support your local shelters!!!

Dogs are special:
On taking care of each other:

here, one dog saves another from getting hit by a car.

IF you can pray that we all take better care of each other, then you can watch this. But beware. it is not for the faint of heart.
heartbreaking video


Everything is all right in the end. If eveything is not allright, it's not the end....


Relax and Let Him Go

 Let him go, and let him see
what Kind of a Man he might become.
All  the while,
You must take this time to see what Kind of a Woman you might become.
(drop all suspicions, anxieties, overbearingness
as if they were burning hot potatoes
for they will destroy,
not build up.)
A gift? to actually Support
one you  love
Become That which you always intended to be
when you became a woman, at 30 years, at 40.
What kind of a woman are you?
Who you think you are,
Be Really.

The Real Avatar -- The Soloist. A Review-- And i am not a Pandoran Trapped in a Human Body.

After watching  Avatar  on a big screen and  The Soloist, on a tiny one
pondering for a couple days,
it seems the real way
to get into someone's skin,
to "get it" and find deeper meaning in another's situation
 is to see the amazing jamie foxx and robert downey jr in The Soloist.

(Having worked in Washington DC with individuals afflicted with heavy mental illnesses, i'd say )
THE SOLOIST is spot on and gives us many things to think about.

The other movie, avatar i think is the name, felt a bit like an argument being rehashed. [[To say nothing of the brilliant advances science had made while still using giant heavy metal guns. Don't look for logic or plot or dialog...]]

If the goal of Avatar was to teach (any unknowing) youth or others how horribly the native americans were treated; the selfish and insane mindset that was involved with that shameful time in human history--and many other times where the so-called "civilized" people used the power of violence and trickery in a most un-Christian way to hurt and steal from native folk--it was probably successful, in a shallowy way. The beautiful special effects and the rich sensuality actually might have distracted from/tempered the lesson.
We enjoyed the luminescence and heady movement of the movie.
but a new film paradigm? you jest.

I just wanted to post these thoughts in order to bring up the Soloist--which is not touted with a 150,000,000 $$$ ad budget.
The Soloist is a Real Movie and about Real People --a vehicle that can provide the emotion/thought/reality provocation for inclined humans to actually make things better. Are you the type who cares about humans in need, do you work to alleviate suffering? Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and cold?

as to the other --I think psychologists will see a trend--and begin to start treating teens who think they are pandorans trapped in human bodies. Have Mercy.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

K-State Women's Center Information Kiosk

In the K-State Student Union,
we have a kiosk which is staffed Monday through Friday, 10-2. There are free things and good info and news, there is an international TV provided by the Campaign for Nonviolence and Friends, and You are invited to visit us.
 Music mondays: get a big beautiful bookmark with your favorite musician. By the Radio Station.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where Have You Gone, Barry Sanders (an ode to tiger woods and kobe bryant)

Where Have You Gone, Barry Sanders  
An ode to tiger and kobe by simeon and garbuncle

listen while reading:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_jmDscGi7E

And here's to you Barry Sanders
Jesus loves you more than you will know (Wo, wo, wo)
God bless you please, Barry Sanders
Heaven holds a place for those who play
With Integrity, with Humility…

(oh tiger)

We'd like to know Every little thing about you for our files
We'll fill our pocket$ with your failings--Look around you, all you see are $ympathetic eyes     Fill the gap you left without giving us the scoop

And here's to you, Tony Dungy
The media had no dirt to throw on you (Wo, wo, wo)
God bless you please, Barry Sanders
Heaven holds a place for those who play
All the way, In the Light of Day…

War and famine nukes and torture dictators in charge
But the media has turned to Mushcakes
It's a media secret, treat the People like they’re Scum
Soon we’ll are be Smarmy-Minded little kids.

Coo, coo, ca-choo, Barry Sanders
Jesus loves you more than you will know (Wo, wo, wo)
God bless you please, Derek Fisher

Heaven holds a place for those who pray
(Hey, hey, hey...hey, hey, hey)

Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon
Fornication, lust, and lying dirtbags
Laugh about it, shout about it
The Media Can’t Lose
Ev'ry way you look at it, (we’re) (they’re) fools

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio
A nation turns it's freaked-out eyes to you (Woo, woo, woo)
What's that you say, Kobe Bryant
Honesty has left and gone away
(Hey, hey, hey...hey, hey, hey)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13SO9lIclDM  to see this sung in style..

Monday, December 14, 2009

Two Mates: Stray Dogs- Brothers from Dwight Kansas (Mastiff Pointer Mix)

I went by the animal shelter to drop something off. A young man was there with two dogs he had cared for for a few days--they had showed up at his house near Dwight Kansas and they were clearly mates. They were so funny, affectionate, happy, healthy, smart, playful and wonderful. They moved in amazing unison. They were one. I almost took them there and then although that would have been Impetuous and perhaps unwise. While we were admiring them the shelter folk came and started to process them. So now i will pay to take them, if it is in the cards.

The man is leaving for iraq in one week and his wife could not take the responsibility to raise them. I thank them for doing the right and compassionate thing. The shelter folk once told me that a vehicle drove by and without stopping, tossed an animal out the window and sped away. Sadness.
So- these two dogs should stay together. They are so appealing i may decide to expand the guard unit and add them to the fold. Thunderpaws Tribe! Look at the size of the paws on the pointery looking one--
  short video: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwdbE_Hixv4  ) .
the shelter expert said they looked/acted like they were littermates-- indicated a pointer/mastiff/bull mix.

sweetest stray- mastiff pointer mix
mastiff pointer mix
Mastiff pointer mix

update: these two were adopted separately
within one hour after they were available for adoption.
it is a great sadness, a lesson for me
that i missed out on these wonderful animals.
the worst of of it is that
they were taken from each other.
what a pair they were. they would have been two huge wonderful dogs,
acccording to the vet, a mastiff/pointer mix.
seize the day, fool.
this is burning into my brain.

click HERE for some nice mastiff pics.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Finals Friday Free Live Laugh Love

Led Zeppelin in the Morning

If you have to go to a "Salon" to get your hair "cut"--
can you do any better than Haynes in aggieville, ? where

Ira wears proper barber's shirts , the topics of conversation are typical beauty salon topics- you know, the same as the evening news: tigey woods, michelle's arms, and who's bed rahm e. will put a horse's head into--[barry* sanders' effect on the Lions, what to do if you hit a deer, where to get the best smoked turkey...]
More importantly-
the music includes Led Zeppelin, iron butterfly, grace slick and james taylor.
at 7:45 in the morning.

to say nothing of the Brendawizard who can actually make your hairdreams come true.   (785) 539-5512‎ 

Next door is the cd tradepost, where
Jeffery stands in support.

Jeff also has one of the 4 best tats in the ville:

The little threesome
(including the CocotheBolo) is a perfect trifecta of good service and
 therapy for the weary soul.
to say nothing of the rockabelly deli, the Palace, and starbuctas.

Mr. Beans from The Palace[newly UpDated- i inhaled today the delectable smell of a steak and olive and many-other-good-thing sandwich the Ropa Vieja-- Oh My!]:


The Coco has The Amber, who is also in the running for best 4 tats in the ville:


The corner of Aggieville SouthEast of the campus is a hotbed of Good Stuff.
Oh Yeah.
Click on Pics to enlarge.

The fabulous and Humble Barry.
 Where have you gone,
* Barry Sanders,
A nation turns its lonely eyes to you (Woo woo woo).Where have you gone, barry sanders, a freaked out desentitized nation needs more real men like you, woo hoo hoo.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sweetest Mutts in Snow: Good Dogs Love Winter!

Dogs in Snow

Snowy Pup
Jack Russell in Snow
and, some Santa for the season.
more pics of The Real Santa HERE

argentinian dogo in snow


golden pup on tractor

these pics are gathered from the web and The Calendar.
 the dogo belongs to a K-State student.
 the santa is a photo i took when he was in town.