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Manhattan Serial Rapist -- Jess' Story part 2

k-state serial rapist kansas rapist 
(So the investigation of the home invasion/rape crimes is in Lawrence as well as Manhattan; in the past year law enforcement has linked the two sets of crimes. The attorney general of kansas came to both ksu and ku, along with a police officer and a person like myself. attendance was good here at ksu due to a really great crowd of women and a couple large handfuls of interested local and university folk. I'm not sure what the purpose was, in retrospect: The lists of "How to Protect ourselves" or "Lower Your Risk" (Which i find particularly distasteful, as it would seem i am simply shoving the crime off onto a less aware woman/child?)
are not new lists, although the police officer did wake folks up with a self defense tutorial. I understand the AG spoke longer at KU where they had 6 attendees, according to the television. He apparently told them about the surveilllence or other details about these crimes. He only spoke to our group of 2-300 for 10 minutes, mostly introducing folks. He then left and did NOT get to hear about the Red Shirt.

as i re-read that, sadness.
i guess i wish the conversation would expand faster to include, "let's look at ALL our females and males that are being assaulted, drugged and assaulted, tricked and assaulted, bullied and assaulted, threatened and assaulted, quaaluded and assaulted, ---and, what about these bullies? where did they get it into their heads that it was ok to do these things?
no, really, tell me-- Where did That Idea come from???

So some may have seen an article about SR in the Wichita paper Sunday.

And the Eagle does what it does
and the
AG office does what it does,
what it can to tell people about the fact that crimes are occuring.
Yes, thank you.
Here as well.

------ PART 2   of    Jess's Story here.

Jess was a very shy and quiet child. She stated, “I was definitely a 'girly girl'. I loved playing dress up, going shopping and playing with dolls. I was also really involved in dance and gymnastics when I was a young child. I had an older sister who was really good at gymnastics so I was always trying to keep up with her.”

Her memories include a great family life as she was growing up. She described a very loving and caring family who were involved in each other’s activities. “My family is all very close and very traditional. My parents have an amazing relationship and have been married for 34 years. They were always very supportive of all of their kids.” Jess was involved in cheerleading throughout junior high and high school and remembers that her parents attended every single game. “I'm a middle child--I have an older sister and a younger brother. My parents believed that was very important that we all got college educations, so they paid for all of our educations as long as we maintained good grades.”

When Jess applied for college she was thrilled to be independent and about the new social aspects of college. "I wasn't sure about my major even though I knew where I wanted to go career-wise. I was really just excited about being out on my own and living the 'college life'. I had a lot of friends from high school that were going up to K-State too so it was just a really exciting time for all of us." Her family members had always been big K-State fans so she was happy to actually become a Wildcat.

The night that Jess was assaulted,
she had just returned to Manhattan from a weekend with her family in Wichita. The visit had been so enjoyable, she had hoped to stay an extra night at her parents’ house. She checked her e-mail late Sunday night more than once, but did not find the message she’d hoped for—--an announcement that her Monday morning class would be cancelled. No such luck, so she left Wichita Sunday evening. (The class was in fact, cancelled.)
Back in Manhattan,
Jess enjoyed the summer night in ways that are typical for K-State students: She picked up some groceries, stopped to see friends, grabbed some necessities from Wal-Mart, and returned to her apartment.
 It was about 10 pm; there were a number of tenants in the parking lots listening to music and a group of students gathered at the pool.
It took her five trips
to haul her fresh laundry and her groceries up several short flights of stairs to her apartment, a complex where she’d lived for 2 years. Her roommate was away, so Jess had the place to herself.
She remembered how relaxing it was to clean the apartment and get ready for the coming week. Her visit home had left her feeling great—they’d celebrated her father’s birthday on Saturday—and it was good to be back at K-State, snug in her beautiful apartment, which she had decorated in an Asian style, rich deep colors, lots of candles.

part 3:

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Why do we try to say Rape is not Rape

Try something on both sides if you want to see if it fits. If Rush Limbaugh or Al Franken or Sarah Palin's husband  had Drugged and raped a 13 year-old-girl 20 years ago, would we care?
Let's all stop "defending" this crime!

(because he was my boyfriend) :

Dear Whoopi;
Yesterday on "The View", you said Roman Polanski pleaded guilty to "unlawful sex with a minor", but it wasn't "rape rape". So I've been wondering -
What the hell is "rape rape"?

I know you said your point was to articulate the nature of the crime to which he pleaded guilty - which is entitled "unlawful sex with a minor" - but you said it was somehow DIFFERENT from "rape".
It isnt.
"Unlawful sex with a minor" IS the crime of child rape in California.
So again - I ask you - how is "rape rape" different from "rape"?
Regular folks understand "rape" to mean "sexual penetration without consent" - and of course, consent is irrelevant when the victim is a child.
The law says "rape" means: "sexual penetration".
The dictionary says "rape" is: "forced sexual intercourse".
No matter which definitional source you use, Whoopi, Polanski "raped" his victim.

So I'm trying to understand what you meant when you say it wasn't "rape rape".
Did you mean to say it wasn't "real rape"?

What wasn't "real" enough about the crime for you, Whoopi?

A 45 year old man forced his penis into a 13 year-old child's vagina - and then he forced his penis into her anus. Is this "rape" but not "rape rape"?

The victim was not only a child, she was also intoxicated because Polanski gave her booze and drugs before the crime. The child protested - told him to stop - but he continued. She was incapacitated to a point where she could barely walk, much less defend herself against her 45 year-old attacker. Is that enough for "rape rape", Whoopi?
What would have done it for you? If he'd used a knife? If he'd jumped on her in a dark alley instead of a bed? If it had happened at a homeless shelter instead of the mansion of a famous Hollywood actor? If he'd had to remove a trenchcoat before committing the crime, rather than silk underwear from a fancy shop on Rodeo Drive?

What if the victim had been a little black girl he grabbed from a triple decker in the poorest part of Los Angeles? Would that have been "rape rape", Whoopi? Or would you have still offered the same lame excuse you came up with on The View - that "people in other countries see things differently" when middle-aged men force themselves on children.

If it's true that 13 year-old kids in France are so disrespected they can anticipate being attacked by men - you can and should condemn the practice - not chalk it up to a "cultural difference" - as if to suggest that the United States might evolve one day to a period of enlightenment when we will be "liberated" enough to celebrate the sexual abuse of children.
Your audience is filed with women who need and deserve the empowerment that is possible in a show like yours. Cultural values are created, in part, through the dissemination of ideas. You had a chance to explain to millions of people why the personal autonomy, bodily integrity and liberty of all women and children is at stake when even one rapist is not held accountable for his actions. At a minimum, you could have explained how backward we really are in this country - and how the epidemic of rape and child sex abuse serves as a kind of domestic terrorism that interferes with the freedom of millions of people who are affected by the disproportionate failure of our legal system to redress sexual violence. According to a study submitted to Congress in support of the Violence Against Women Act in the 1990s, by then Senator Joseph Biden, only 2% of rapists spend even one day behind bars. Violence against women and children is grossly underreported and unde rprosecuted, and the data consistently shows that crimes against property are punished much more harshly than crimes against female bodies.

Rather than highlight this profound and pervasive injustice, you bemoaned the fact that Mr. Polanski was compelled to flee the United States after pleading guilty to child rape, but before being sentenced, because he was about to be go to jail for "a hundred years".
Although many people would argue he deserved such a sentence (and under California law today, but not back then, drugging and raping a child would expose Mr. Polanski to a mandatory minimum term of 25 years behind bars) because he was allowed to plead guilty to only one of six felonies with which he was originally charged - he faced no more than four years behind bars, and some reports say the judge intended to impose a sentence of only a few weeks of incarceration.

Mr. Polanski arrogantly decided that he shouldn't spend any time in jail, and he fled this country spinelessly for a nation he knew would not extradite him for his crime. If it's true, as has been reported, that he took off because he thought it was unfair that he should go to jail after his lawyer worked out a "no jail" deal with the prosecutor, he had a right to withdraw his guilty plea and go to TRIAL - not FRANCE.

That Mr. Polanski would show such disrespect for this country's legal system is a reason to punish him MORE, not less, for his crime. It may be a decades-old case, but it bears stating the obvious that the law should not reward fugitives for their successful efforts to evade justice.

Nonetheless, Mr. Polanski is a man of wealth and influence, and child victims of violence don't vote or have any money. Which is why people like you, Whoopi, are so quick to say things that degrade children. Admit it Whoopi, you'd be talking out of the other side of your mouth if filmmaker Polanski were garbageman Polanski. Next time, try reading the Constitution BEFORE speaking on this topic. There's nothing in there that says people of power and influence should not be held accountable for their crimes. In fact, try focusing on the 14th Amendment for a few minutes - especially the part about how all citizens are entitled to the "equal protection" of the laws. Then try reading some of our most basic court decisions that discuss how the law is supposed to protect the weak, and deter the cunning.

You have a 13 year-old granddaughter, Whoopi. What does she call you? "Nana"? "Grandma"?. What if she told you that she had been "raped" by a 45 year-old man who stripped her naked and then penetrated her private parts even as she cried "no". Would you correct her for using the word "rape"? Would you say, "sorry sweetheart - what happened to you was not a 'rape rape'".

No matter how hard some people try to make the crime seem harmless - - it really is quite simple if you think about it the way someone famous once did: "rape is to sex what a punch in the mouth is to a kiss". It's true that not all punches knock teeth out - but nobody ever says "it wasn't a 'punch punch'".

I will say one thing, Whoopi - in your defense. Maybe we SHOULD give up the term "rape" altogether, and start calling it "bodily enslavement". We could put it in the Constitution instead of the statute books as a violation of fundamental civil rights.

I'm thinking if we had initially codified the crime in law where it truly belongs - under the umbrella of civil rights - you might have stopped yourself before saying "it wasn't a violation of civil rights civil rights".

Can you see how dumb that sounds, Whoopi?
I hope so - because you are an important voice for women and children and I want you to sound smart.

Yours truly,

Wendy Murphy

Then after Whoopi talked about this on the view, Wendy had this follow up:

Dear Whoopi;
I tried to be clear in my first letter in the hope you would simply apologize for saying Roman Polanski didn't plead guilty to "rape rape". But in an awkward attempt to put out the flames of outrage, you made things worse by trying to "explain" yourself. You said that what you MEANT was that because Polanski admitted to the charge of "unlawful sex with a minor" - he didn't admit to "rape" because the word "rape" doesn't appear in the title of that particular crime.

I hope someone at ABC tells you to just fall on your sword at this point. It's your only hope.
You see Whoopi, saying "unlawful sex with a minor" isn't "rape" because the word "rape" isn't in the title is like saying sodomy isn't "rape". I dare you to tell that to the thousands of male victims of priest abuse.

Here's some basic legal information you might find enlightening.

In 50 states, there are 33 DIFFERENT phrases in the law that define the act of child rape. Only four include the actual term "rape". But all 33 make it clear that the conduct forbidden by law IS, indeed, rape of a child.

Maybe you made a dumb statement because you felt pressure from your Hollywood friends. That's your business. But you hold yourself out as an advocate for children. You even appear in ads for ToysRus - suggesting you care about kids - and speak for "differently abled" children.

Damn it, Whoopi. What are you thinking?!
Roman Polanski has enough apologists. Kids have nothing. Until recently, they thought they had you.

Have you heard what your buddy Polanski thinks about little girls, Whoopi?

From an interview Roman Polanski gave in 1979 to novelist Martin Amis:

If I had killed somebody, it wouldn’t have had
so much appeal to the press, you see? But… f..king, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to f..k young girls. Juries want to f..k younggirls. Everyone wants to f..k young girls!

If this doesn't make your skin crawl and your blood boil - and you continue to try and "explain" your comments about how a grown man forcing himself inside the body of a child he plied with booze and drugs before he attacked her isn't "rape rape", you need to stop calling yourself an advocate for children. Keep doing whatever makes you happy - and enjoy all the red carpet nonsense because your seat at the club will be safe - but please, let someone else speak for the children.
Yours truly,

Wendy Murphy
New England Law Boston

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Not Yet

Trust versus mistrust is the first layer of learning.
is it ok to be alive?
when parenters make the answer "Yes", the child moves on
to autonomy,
and so forth.
WhenTrust is Yanked out from a healthy individual,
 the other layers, like rock, like cake, like fine china plates,
are shocked as well.
 healthy people have to move gently back into health.
We must be generous with ourselves
as we move gently back to health.

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A note from Kelly and Barbara

K-State women are invited by Dr. Barbara Pearson, assistant director of the Counseling Services and Kelly Eilert, graduate student in Drama Therapy, to a trauma recovery group this fall 2009 semester. The group is an opportunity for victims of sexual assault to receive counseling, as well as the healing, comfort, and community that comes from connecting with others who have shared similar experiences. Fees will be paid by the K-State Women’s Center.
The first group will be held Tuesday, September 29th, 5:00 pm, at the K-State Counseling Services (English/Counseling Services building room 232). The group will continue to meet every Tuesday throughout the semester from 5:00- 6:30 pm. Students can contact Counseling Services to register, either in person or online.  Students will be able to park behind the building, as it is after hours.

Muchas gracias

The Mayberry Effect

Give me reason and logic and wisdom of 12 of us collected over a tennis ball machine any day.

So-- exactly how do i get to use my reason and my common sense and my judgement?

In a court of law?
That is, when the impeccably dressed lawyer tells the jury not to use their reasoning, but to jump to a wild conclusion that a young woman is lying, all the witnesses are lying,all the common sense must be thrown out due to the LAW--how clever must the jury be to figure it all out? ( I say "wild" conclusion because there was no evidence to support the "she's lying" claim.

Reasoning, Orphans in Africa, and the Butterfly Effect

We didn’t get the job done."

I beg to differ.
The case was fine. CA office  DID  the case.

Any reasonable person could surmise all those witnesses were not lying under oath.
Any reasonable person could see
how all that testimony formed a structure of truth,
the bits and pieces of recordable history available to us now.
The bits and pieces, fitting snugly into the puzzle, a collection presented to the jury,
that the jury might feel safe in believing the believable witnesses.
The testimony and evidence, which was obtained at significant cost to our county and to the lives of those affected. Witnesses must be brought back to Kansas. Police and detectives are off their regular duties during trial. People who have been interviewed and taped are summoned. Volunteers in Africa leave their posts to come testify to the crime. Fascinatingly, orphans in Africa rode the wave of this Butterfly Effect.
 ( This is not a sideshow. )

There was not the smoking gun?
(Which is what? A man in a ski mask jumping into the front seat of your car as you put your keys in one evening? And then Having passersby jump on him, holding him down while the police are called? Him holding a knife with the blood of sacrificed kittens?)
Smoking guns are used in murders. Some have called rape the Murder of the Soul. Others see it as internal battering, a theft, and if nothing else, answer this

Riley County Folk
Are We to be the culture

will WE be the generation that teaches our young men,
our young boys that a character of licentiousness, of bullying, of inferiority wanting to win and have what it wants?? Lessee, licentiousness, bullying, inferiority wanting to win and have what it wants. How far can one go before it is a crime?

For just this one month, can we only mention how to stop this crime by addressing the perpetrators alone?

They say because of snazzy TV crime shows, every jury wants DNA, geo-specific Micropebbles, and satellite images of the suspects' brainwave changes on disc, old barbers and girl friends and mini-mart clerks showing up from the 90's to Reveal an Astonishing bit of PROOF right at the end!

Well, ok but But we’re gonna have to pay to get all this good $tuff.

So I know after several years in my current job that the CA’s office is in high gear All the Time,
 and has a responsibility to Us, the folks of Riley County) to use our money and time wisely. So let’s give them a few million dollars to add some staff (they really do deserve it) and a few million more for a crime lab. Let’s petition State Officials to Beef up the KBI and DNA labs.
Justice is in fact delayed in Kansas due to state-wide back log and understaffing.

We as Riley County citizens/jurists must decide how far beyond reasonable doubt the cases must be proven—
those who have served on juries must say what is needed.
if we are going to rely
more on the presence  of snazzy historic bits that thermomicrovaccuums can find--
we are going to Activate the quality in humans called "Reasonable,"
then the Game has changed.

That is, if we Riley County folk
are no longer going to consider the truths we know in our own hearts, (that’s why there are 12 jurors) --if we are not going to accept that the believability of witnesses IS evidence,
if we do not get to utilize our judgement based on our past life experiences,
then the game has changed.
We should just get one of those machines that calls Tennis Balls in or out.
We will be sacrificing the word,
we will be giving up the source of

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Healing will begin someday i promise

rain is sun today

  how to spare our Loved Ones pain.
What do You tell Your grandmother?
What is an act of kindness?
What is Your Experience as a human?

these are not my photos.

Oh Really? False Accusations in Rape Trials

contradiction       FRAMED!

Defense case rested on weird logic
A woman
dragged into the suspect’s apartment
shown clearly on video
to be intoxicated on something to the point of stupor,
Has time
within 3-4 hours
to sober up
just enough to coax him
 legally into bed,
realizes that she was crazy at the Time,
(during the legal-coaxing-Time,  20-30 minutes ago)

that is,
“ Man! What was I DOING?
I now have to con the entire manhattan police department sanesartnurse hospital county attorney university worse
my dearest friends and family

my dearest friends and family
into believing
this wretched lie.
Regrettable sex. Mixed messages.
More on false accusations
 HERE and
Oh yeah.
did i already tell you she had previously filed a stop-harassing-me- complaint against him at work.
At work in a local store.
Here in manhattan, dudes.

By the way, the reason most women and men who come to my office after being sexually assaulted do NOT report rape is that they are afraid of how much it will hurt their mother. imagining the pain their father will have to endure. they cry when they consider the scene.
They put on the red shirt.

The entire defense is that she (and her little friends, too!) are LYING!

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An old Sunday School lesson He would say, "Buddy-

I do know that All Things will be made new.

I know that Faith, Hope and Love are mightier than the small selfishness of evil.
Buddy, if you are not Right, you better Get Right. Pay a small price, a short time, offer to pay the honorable price, step up, get washed clean here and now, find the light, or you're gonna have hell to pay.
All Things are Made New

Rape, Drug-facilitated Rape, and FBI Statistics

FBI and other statistics to consider:

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Justice Comes: The Mills of God

 The Mills of God
grind exceedingly slow,
but they grind Exceedingly Fine.

those insane Hussein brothers
THOUGH the mills of God grind slowly,
Yet they grind exceeding small;
Though with patience he stands waiting,
With exactness grinds he all.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS! Mahatma Gandhi

An Accidental Felony?

Stunning, Inexplicable Decision

When the Verdict was read in court today, it seemed the entire room gasped in astonishment. One juror later related to a mutual acquaintance that the defendant's mouth fell open in astonishment. So clear had the case been.
Three jurors were tearful or weeping as the verdict was read.  (?)
"not Guilty" verdict seems to indicate that here in manhattan, it will be 
            OK for a man to Force Himself on an
             intoxicated, disoriented, vomit-covered,
                  collapsing, (drugged?) woman

who does not want any part of him,
who had made official complaint against him, who had tried to avoid him for weeks.

The Law States
that in order to "have sex" with a woman, a man must get consent from that woman.
If   NOTHING  else was clear in this trial, it was that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES  (shall we say, beyond a reasonable doubt?) would, or could, the crime victim have given this man consent.
So seemed to feel the majority of spectators in the courtroom.

I humbly ask the jury to tell me how they did surmise that consent was given.

The Riley County Attorney's office put on a top-notch case.

The defense Attorney suggested Slyly that was this was was a "case of Regrettable Sex."

I say Slyly because
           a) there was no evidence Whatsoever presented to support this nasty, caddish accusation.

             b)   It is a grade-A Rape Myth. The FBI indicate that 96-98% of rapes are real reports. like robberies. like muggings. like Home Invasions. How many people lie about getting Mugged? The FBI state that more people Fake-report their own DEATH than fake report rape. I promise you, "those cases" are exposed early in the process. as any crime victim can tell you, these cases have a year or two years or three years of work, step after step of  legalities.
The chances that a personality-disturbed woman/man who might falsely report a rape can engage the Entire Legal System to pursue false charges is so unlikely-- that to bring up "The Regrettable Sex Theory" --particularly after the succinct, pertinent body of evidence from the Prosecution which specifically refutes the idea that this particular Crime Victim would have ever given consent in this case, to this defendant-- is the opposite of Decent.      
Department of Justice report:    

The defense attorney stated (shame!) that the victim gave Mixed Messages.   
(another rape myth- more on rape myths later)
even though
every shred
of reasonable evidence presented added to the SAME MESSAGE:
Leave Me Alone. No romance. Don't touch me. Don't talk to me. Leave me Alone.
The defense lawyer did not put on any witnesses
or a case per se,
but limited himself during cross examination to such tactics as to try to impugn witnesses or discuss/confuse  telephone records. The defense attorney's questioning seemed to bewilder the witnesses and he stated or apologized that he "misspoke" or corrected himself or was corrected by witnesses over and over and over again. rape myths:

From the beginning of these types of events, I know that parents on both sides are stricken.
(May grace be with you all.)
The parents
of the male perpetrators in these cases, 
even if loathe to admit the Felonious nature of the behavior, that their son might actually be a criminal worthy of legal consequences--
usually find themselves
shell-shocked at the end of testimony
by the descriptions of what is undeniably, at 
so boorish and unseemly
  so thuggish and brute
     so ungallant and dishonourable
        so low, mean and hurtful
          so Beastly
They might almost wish there HAD been a one-time slip, an Accidental Felony,
rather than confront the horrible possibility of the Character
The Character
their son's.

All i know for sure right now is that my office will do everything possible in the coming year to educate everyone who will listen about the Definition of Consent, the targeting of Innocents by the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, the Prevalence of Drug/Alcohol-Facilitated Rape here in Manhattan, and about what is HAPPENING to our unsuspecting youth.

All the young women/men/children who endure the long ordeal of trying to hold selfish Brutes accountable are Wonderful and Brave, and as a community we should stand and support them.

Are we going to abandon them to this thuggery? Will Manhattan citizens really allow this type of desecration as Lawful!?

If These are The Standards - Kings of Leon, Hell is Truly on its way...

Lock up your daughters and sons.

li·cense (l s ns)   n. 
2. Deviation from normal rules, practices, or methods in order to achieve a certain end or effect.  3. Latitude of action, especially in behavior or speech.
4.  a. Lack of due restraint; excessive freedom:
b. b. Heedlessness for the precepts of proper behavior; licentiousness.
                                                                                 tr.v. li·censed, li·cens·ing, li·cens·es
1. To give or yield permission to or for.
2. To grant a license to or for; authorize. See Synonyms at authorize.

Family after Family walks away shaking their heads.
this music will help purge a tiny bit of anger and confusion. for a minute.
"Kings of Leon: Oh hell is truly on its way" Loud music to drive to

Trial for Andrew Corum - Rape

Today will be the third day in the trial regarding Andrew Corum. The evidence presented against him appears pretty overwhelming. It is very sad to hear testimony describing what occured on the night of may15-May16 2008.
Testimony is that after trying for some weeks (and failing) to get close personally to the crime victim, the suspect (at the same work place here in Manhattan) began to bother, then harrass, then quasi-stalk, and finally, committed the most egregious felony short of murder
Against a young woman;
the woman, a K-Stater, spent summers in Africa working with orphans--or as her testimony better describes--"living life with them, lovin' on these kids...";
you know,
 one of those types of kids who make their parents burst with pride
Makes her equally excellent friends also fly in from around the world to testify on her behalf,
to help her cry through this layer of traumahealing,
this particular layer when
the county of Riley
attempt to protect its citizens
keep peace in our communities.

Here is Andrew Corum leaving the courthouse after damning testimony yesterday.

Where are Manhattan's Citizens?

Only 30 out of 40-something Riley County citizens showed up for their scheduled "jury pool" duty on the morning of
Andrew Corum's Trial for Rape.
Everyone who showed up On Time
 the Crime victim
who was testifying first
had to $it on the $idelines for a Half Day $$$ while the delinquent Citizens were rounded up.

Fu'Cryin Out Loud!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Drug Facilitated Rape

So called, "date-rape drugs" are here
in Manhattan, Kansas.

They are one Method a rapist uses to Facilitate a rape.
The use of these for crimes has been rising for several years now.
I have dozens of case files where there is little doubt that surreptitious drugging occurred. 
they are particularly Horrible because (depending on the drug[s] used)
the victim can appear euphoric, comatose, awake but groggy, or even peaceful.
The one being Drugged can be COMPLETELY oblivious to what is happening Around them or To them.
And by the way, these drugs can be FATAL.For more info:

The one thing that is most GALLING is that since they disappear from the human system so rapidly, there is little residual evidence of them and thus, their use is rarely mentioned in court.
During trials,
[where the crime victim's family and friends Know that drugs were used, due to the Completely Out-of -Character appearance and behavior of their friend]
only alcohol intoxication is usually allowed to be mentioned.
It is very hard for crime victims not to mention 
that they were overcome with a strange confusion, out-of-body experiences, motor skills problems, and memory blackouts Completely Different than an alcohol experience. 
It is a legal conundrum we need to address. 
That is, if we are interested in trials getting to the TRUTH. 

A note to sweet folks 
who have a hard time believing that 
that "nice guy"  could commit such a crime:
Every perp who rapes also Lies, usually lies very well.
-- the Lies are very similar in case after case.
No woman goes through this massively disrupting ordeal for trivial reasons.
Remember, the FBI state that there are more people who try to Fake their own Death than people who try to turn in false reports of rape.

I know that Justice comes. 
I read this from Richard Alpert/Baba Ram Dass: The mills of God grind exceedingly slow, but they grind Exceedingly Fine.

Love, Peace, Thanks and Blessings to all who do the hard work, who stand up, who put themselves out on the firing line, who endure through insulting Snake-like hissings. You will never know all who have been helped by your actions and sacrifice.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Manhattan Serial Rapist Jess' Story part 1

SOME YEARS AGO, i spoke with a smart, lovely, very kind and sweet young college woman who had been violently assaulted by the criminal known around here as the serial rapist.
Together we wrote her story.
We have decided to post some of her story here, in installments, to help anyone who wants to better understand the effects of/response to trauma.
K-State students, listen to her story.
Manhattan-- listen to her story.
Parents, sisters, brothers, friends.
This is our culture, these are our people, this is your girlfriend, mother, sister, friend, wife, son, daughter.

This was written before the police announced the movement of the investigation to lawrence. I am updating in some places.

Trauma                    part I

For many of us, the seasonal change into spring and summer brings to mind good things: green grass, graduation, sunlight and soft flowers, newborn animals, new beginnings.
For Jess K. however, the warmer weather also awakens dreadful memories and intensifies a sadness she carries with her.  Jess was assaulted by a violent criminal who is thought to have committed several rapes in the Manhattan area. The rapist has not been apprehended, and Jess fears for women in the community.
Jess made a decision to come forward and tell her story at the K-State Women’s Center, hoping to warn others who assume, as she once did, that living in a fairly decent apartment complex (surrounded by friends, other students and Manhattanites) made her safe from a break-and-enter sexual assault from a stranger. Although telling her painful story opened wounds that were just beginning to heal, Jess felt it was crucial to speak out for several reasons.
“No one has been talking about this serial rapist.  I want to warn other women, especially since there seems to be a lot of silence about the crimes.”

part 2 of this story HERE:

The words which i will share in the coming weeks cannot, of course, convey "JK's" deepest experience. But we hope they will inspire some individuals to grow, to know it is OK to speak of crimes and trauma and pain, and to enlarge a circle of care, which can include sorrow, anger, motivation, assistance, love, and kindness. The darkness is afraid of the Light,
because It Is Light.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Spider Web

I went North
for Family Fun Frivolity Marriage Babies Laughter. Rejuvenating.
I think i brought back a Spider.
S/he lived in the driverside external side/rearview mirror of my truck.
I would go into an office, come out and find
a newly spun web
and her
hanging about.
she was very large!
[on days when i did not drive,
she asked,
how come you never take me anywhere?]
for a week
this spider drove on the highway with me
and had tasty treats from all about town.
now all i see is the grainy imprint of
the web
left on my door.
Shall i ever wash it?

click pics to enlarge
thanks dave for closeup

 large photos:
amazing spider webs from august morning 2010 that look like CD's HERE

Be a Good Dog

From a calendar (link below). these are not my pics. i wish they were. Good Dogs! Click on pic to enlarge.
Sweet chiuaua
and from my canon powershot:
This Chiuaua is abby, from lawrence's flowershop

others: From the calendar I love best,

Be a Good Dog

Kansas FarmGirl in a St. John's Suit

A lovely way to start the day is to find good folk at Radina's
WAY early on Saturday morning.
While they appeared to the naked eye to be beautiful healthy happy relaxing women,
the invisible layer which manifests as we commune reveals that they are scientists/teachers,
and Good.
Salt of the Earth.
Like vitamins or a morning prayer,
now i am girded.
(Like a Kansas farmgirl in a st.John suit.
Don't tread on me.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Good Men Are Everywhere

Like You,
I know
some Very Good Men.
They manifest honor and integrity.
They are kind and caring and strong and manly
and gentle and moral and are
Not Afraid
to show love and pain.
They sacrifice for others.
They are not bullies.
One, who i encounter from time to time, is called,
The White Ray Charles.
he has a confused
of why they say, "white"
but he still takes it as a humongous compliment.

Believe Everything You Read

Perception Truth
Reporting Fabrication
"we do not see things as they are
We See them as We are"
May i just say,
the past few days
 i have taken (again)
 a lesson from the Media.
(and if  this is true with my little self, i imagine it happens with regularity everywhere)
They get things wrong
All the time.
everyone i know is afraid to speak to the media due to the history of being misrepresented.
They are Reporters, it is their job.
they mistake the statistic.
they misstate the most important points.
in fact, conveying the opposite
of what was actually stated.
They shave off 10's of IQ points with every "quote."
Correcting it is impossible, tortured nuance.
i gave in writing
through email a description
of the Just Ended rape trial, man was found guilty beyond
any Reasonable Doubt,
 here comes sentencing,
here's what's at stake.
" come to the sentencing hearing."
next morning the headline in the newspaper read,
Rape Trial to Begin.
Somehow the reporter had missed the ENTIRE point and PLOT of the story!
they cut and pasted my comments however they needed to support a false story i did not recognize..
this past week
with our AG visit
every news outlet, from paper to tv, had mistakes.
perhaps KMAN radio did not,
the radio records and replays.
or, as would be reported,

and by the way, people can sign any comment anywhere using Your Name.
Be Brave in the new World.
September 11, 2009

Just don't jump the gun.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Closer Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon  "Closer"

Stranded in this spooky town,
Stoplights are swaying and the phone lines are down
Snow is crackling cold,
She took my heart, I think she took my soul
With the moon I run,
Far from the carnage of the fiery sun"

Drivin' by the strangle of vain

Showin' no mercy I'll do it again
Open up your eyes
You keep on crying, baby I'll bleed you dry
Skies are beneath me
I see a storm bubbling up from the sea
And it's coming closer

You sh-sh-shock my bones,
Leavin' me stranded all in love on my own
What do you think of me?
Where am I now, baby where do I sleep?
Feels so good when I'm home
2000 years of chasing takin' it's toll
And it's coming closer

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle...Philo of Alexandria

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rape is Internal Battering; The Crime Belongs to the Criminal

Along with a bit of felonious short-term or long-term kidnapping,
Rape is Internal Battering, Physical Assault, and Theft.
I no longer mention "sex crime" at all in the beginning of discussions & presentations.
(in order to set the tone of the "CRIME belongs to the criminal")
The discussion can always be expanded
to discuss the sexual component.
I do not believe most folks know
what it means to be controlled by another person,

The Fear which causes the worst trauma
is related to the controlling, battering,
hateful utterly selfish aspects of the crime.
It seems to me that many women "decide
to forget about" the crime because they feel they can get over the sexual violation.
Then the reality:
serious trauma is due to kidnapping,
Betrayal, fear of injury/death
Trust loses out to Mistrust
(That is, if you are a normal competent intelligent person...

Be generous with yourselves...