Friday, June 12, 2015

(Fashion or famine?)...Shoes giving you a blister? Wrong Pizza delivered? Try Famine, redux.

Bumping this up, from four years ago, 
to cheer a friend... ]
Here is the American Experience offering, on the unspeakable famine in Russia -- the worst natural disaster in Europe since the Black Plague in the Middle Ages. Five million Russians died.-- (Lenin afraid weapons would be smugggled in with food.. Hoover just wanted to feed the millions starving to death...)
The phtos are too gruesome to post.

One survivor testifies that he still remembers the taste of american corn and condensed milk. Hoover insisted the russian govt buy wheat to plant to end the famine. An interesting Muslim side story is in the film.

film preview:
Watch the full episode. See more American Experience.

So, buck up my friends. Your car is in the shop, your clothes are out of fashion, and your eating habits have given you a muffin top.

but then
Here's the high fashion
among those at the top
 if the above is too depressing:

"Does this make my
head look stupid?..."