Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Massive Snow Geese and Canadian Flocks Migrating through Kansas Farmland and Lee's Summit

I know i have several posts already of the geese, but this morning i caught a MASSIVE group near the house, and this weekend we laughed as we saw that Canadian Geese had TAKEN OVER one lakeside community in Lee's Summit. The first Video, embedded here, is worth clicking on twice and then watching full screen on youtube. at 2 minutes you can watch them all take off, awesome! and at 3 minutes they form a point shape, cool.
Then, the canadians at lee's summit. when the dogs come out, they just move a little bit -to show they care?
After these embeds, some still shots.

Please click on the pictures to enlarge.
Geese over Kansas Farmlands mtodd

Geese on the Lake

Canadians Take over Lee's Summit

Canadian Close-up

Beauty Geese.

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