Monday, December 20, 2010

Be Nice To Each Other

Who you think you are, be Really.  You don't have to learn all the rules if you just Be Nice to Each Other.
The Power of Love Exceeds all things.
Dog and goat love
Tortoise and hippo love

Deer and rabbit love

Kitten and parakeet love

monkey love

Dog walking dog

If we all take care of the other, we will all get taken care of...

Do you know the story of the hippo baby and the tortoise who became companions after the Tsunami? story on  NPR  HERE

click on pic to enlarge.
these are all free funny pics found on web, not from me...

this last is a true story:
Sled dogs sure to be eaten by this bear. the photographer and friend watched in sadness from the window, then saw this: HERE

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