Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pinstripe Bowl Final Score: KSU 34 -Syracuse 36 (K-State Watch Party at the Wareham: K-State Wildcats in the Big Apple)

Excessive Celebration!#* Everyone at the Wareham was grumbling about that. I bet the refs are not allowed to call Excessive Celebration at the FIESTA Bowl... and by the way, while the wildcat put his ONE hand to his head in a salute, an orangeman put his TWO hands into a diamond after his TD.
which one is excessive,
 and exactly why? just curious.
I have a film clip of the syracuse TD hand shaping i will post HERE

Well, 3rd down problems, a few lousy calls,
(HERE) a missed kick, and not stepping up with the superb plays when absolutely neccesary that mark a team of excellence... next year...
and a basketball game tomorrow afternoon.

The Ahearn Fund ( sponsors great
KSU Watch Parties at the Wareham Opera House (Theatre/Hotel) on Poyntz, downtown Manhattan.
At this game, there will be Mexican food for purchase- from the new joint that is in the old Doe's restaurant building--El Tapatios.
It is a great space for the game.
[on a date night: Get yourself next door to the Wareham, to Harry's-- for Fine Dining;
it is the best food and prettiest place to be well fed. bring your fat wallet...]
When i get home i will upload a couple videos and pics from today's game.
in the meantime--Here's a couplea OLD vids from the wareham watch parties: click twice to watch larger on Youtube

Seems to me like there are a LOT of bowl games...hmmm. Is it all about money? as long as fans support the bowls, will they continue to expand the offerings postseason? Regardless of the quality of the records of the teams?
 When i was young, there was the Sugar Bowl, The Cotton Bowl, Rose Bowl, Orange---hmmm.
Musta been more than 4. Since there are now 264 post season bowls...

Kansas State University Wildcats and Syracuse Orangemen at the Pinstripe Bowl in the Big Apple December 2010

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