Friday, December 10, 2010

England Riots and says "Off with their heads!", China's Peace Prize winners are thrown in jail, and in USA we Use Our Words at City Hall

Since a piece of my heart is in England, it was troubling to hear of the violence in people's hearts making it out onto the streets.
It is one thing to be angry about the high costs of college tuition; quite another to Steal a Line from Lewis Carroll or Charles Dickens or the French Folks and urge an angry mob to decapitate
 the main source of tourism for the motherland.  /2010/12/10/latest-london-protests-not-all-about-students.html
does sound fun in an  Alice in Wonderland sort of way...
that is better than China.
Chinese folks
who support democracy or those who work for it are under constant threat of being executed, jailed, or worse (non-volunteer organ donor, anyone?)

His Prize put on an empty chair:
southern califonia NPR

Nobel Peace Prize Laid on Empty Chair
more info here: --Imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo was given a standing ovation at the award ceremony Friday as dignitaries demanded his release.

Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo
In America, we have learned to use our words, organizing, writing, and peaceful protest to promote change. For example, here in Manhattan, there is a conflict of words and ideas, on an issue which has been addressed in various ways for many years. A city ordinance addressing civil rights issues is being thoroughly examined not with death threats or imprisonment, but with the slow steps of logic, law, and not without emotion:
One the one side: Here
on the other side: Here
probably more than 2 sides but a vote is a vote.
More on this later.

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