Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Child Abuse in America a Frightening Epidemic

In this country, we have passed laws to keep our children growing up healthy-and we do research to put the icing on the cake, finding what works well to grow curious, creative, NICE kids.
So what is wrong? Why are there so many abused children? I worked in Florida "in the system"-- including research on cocaine-addicted mothers, the instability of foster care, the sociopathic abusing fathers.
It will break your heart. When you see a sexually abused child given to her abuser, because he is a clever little devil who has hoodwinked the system into custody, you and all concerned who have been on the front lines and know the truth, must bury the insane feelings of frustration, violence, depression that follow.
The media like to focus
on abuse in the Catholic Church. That is an issue so low in the trench of putrefaction I will not discuss it now. The data show that there is no more abuse in the church than anywhere else, rather a somewhat lower incidence. It is more horrifying, true, to read of those who we were to trust turning out to be monsters.
what of our society? Every day, read a paper from a different city and you will find an arrest of a pedophile with THOUSANDS of pictures of children being sexually abused.
Yet we continue on. From time to time i post "the Ugly File"- or "any given day" --a collection of disgusting evil crimes reported in the paper on any random day. Then, have lunch, throw a frisbee, and act as though the world has not ended for another family.

CASA-Click to enlarge
 Here is a letter to the KC Star from a CASA worker, stating that 10,000 children are in foster care in Missouri. TEN THOUSAND? I pray that the many wonderful foster homes outnumber those which are not. We have hundreds of children being served in Kansas for abuse each year. One is too many, there are HUNDREDS.

Pressure needs to be put on politicians to address this issue from every angle.
Here is an article in the paper from the Catholic Pope about the abuse: (on the same day)

Pope Reflects on Abuse
click HERE for a research article about this problem. (Characteristics of the Adult Abuser)

We give people less credit than dogs. Dogs can learn very fast. There is reward, and there is punishment. If a person does not do right out of a sense of goodness, perhaps they will not do wrong out of a sense of fear, if need be.
Here is a story of an elderly woman putting her would-be rapist in the hospital through creative use of a frying pan. It may be the only punishment he gets.
I want to train college and highschool women to stop being afraid, to stand up for themselves, to have the courage to fight against those who are being raised to take what they want.

Frying pan as weapon-
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But-- one cannot change 10 or 20 years of poor instruction. Our family units and our communities MUST begin a change in how the culture teaches our children. I admit, i have small hope it will happen. We are on a slippery downslide.

I had a surreal moment last night: all the things the politicians are "working on" seemed so silly compared to real lives of children. It was the politics game in washington and elsewhere.
It is a Giant Whitewashing.
We need to Make our "leaders" focus on the actual issues that affect children and all of us.
More later.


  1. In truth, today, the increase in emotional child abuse is climbing steadily. One reason the children have become abused so regularly is that unlike God's plan, we do not see children as a gift that must be handled delicately, loved, nurtured, encouraged, taught, trained, loved, loved some more and loved over and over and over. When children are born into a situation where two individuals are untrained, uncaring, self focused, drug addicted, alcoholics, workaholics, etc. the child will be viewed incorrectly by the parent with no spiritual contact outside himself.The child can be mistreated, ignored, made fun of, laughed at and treated like a pet. While this transpires the anger in the child is mounting and something, something bad, is going to happen.

  2. I agree about the concept of a Gift. In an age of entitlement--we see it in higher eduation all the time, the self-importance and helplessness of an increasing number of students is astounding--very few Gifts are recognized as such. [[Christmas presents are a "Right"!]] And, todays "gifts" are good for ...six months max.
    Anyone who can learn to recognize Blessings, will live with a grateful heart and be continually humbled by Life, eh?