Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lying Sociopathic Sex Predators (as Heroes)

There is a look.
I want you to put that look on your face. Try it. See if you can hold the look. Facial expressions are part of the emotional response. If you hold this face for ten seconds, what are you feeling?

What kind of man? Redux.
Make this face. Try to make it. Hold it---
Hold it. Now, what emotion are you feeling?

Bill Clinton and Kobe Bryant and Ben Roethlisberger are lying sociopathic sex predators.

I do not tell the truth---



  1. I don't understand why you have Clinton on this list? Monica was a romantic affair...

    1. Do the research. Clinton has numerous charges from manywomen against him.

    2. look here and here:!.html

  2. From one perspective, including the legal side, it would be considered inappropriate if not criminal for a boss with a great deal of power to engage in sexual behaviors with a teen-age aged intern. In many job situations, Clinton would have been fired for his behavior. Morally, Ms Lewinsky's parents were outraged that the most powerful man on the planet (hah) sexually engaged their teenage daughter during her Washinton DC internship. Ponder
    the media reaction if Bush or Reagan had acted such, found with a teenage girl under the desk while speaking on the phone to foreign dignitaries, in order to take a different perspective on this type of behavior.
    Because Clinton has a rep for Playah, we winked and nodded.

    There is a great deal of evidence that Clinton was a sexual predator. He has been accused of both rape and of sexual battery by credible witnesses. He had numerous affairs during which he lied to his wife. He has a host of other claimes and charges against him by folks who i have not researched credibility.
    Clinton is a known, self-admitted, and proven liar. I see many signs and characteristics in evidence that Clinton probably measures high on the sociopathic scale. Sexual predator? I know Bill Clinton doesn't care what i think. I think, Yes. God Knows.