Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Architects and Engineers examine/explain with some clarity the known/visible evidence of how the towers fell on 9/11.
"Since a million lives have been lost" in afghanistan and iraq, and the controls imposed--like those of the homegrown terrorism act, the military commissions act, the patiot act-- are being consolidated--
we should be sure of our evidence.
This is 10 short minutes. It seemed simple and clear to me.
I would appreciate it if anyone who likes science, common sense, or detective stories can watch it and tell me what you think?
Thanks for the time.

(if you can easily debunk it, have a look at this 5 minute summary of the bigger picture)

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  1. hey this little 5 minute was great- welcome to the revolution of truth seekers
    and the 10 minute vid to change life had been put back up by a bunch of folks so thats good news. until "THEY" take it down too close for comfort thats why i posted the link a while ago it was comprehensive and only eyes glue shut could attempt to dismantle the truth of all the science and facts involved- THANKS SO MUCH - i hope your Blog issue gets worked out I hope it can be saved some very important stuff here..