Friday, September 14, 2012


Rule #5, written September 13, 2012

Could he see us, then might Adam's heart break,
As it did for Abel's death and Cain's lies;
Under his watch, love was a blessed prize,
Not a bloody trophy by force to take.
With wool-covered eyes, we choose not to wake
From contorted dreams full of grisly cries,
Our pains driving love toward wretched demise,
Yet true lovers live for their beloved's sake.
You sons of Adam, live up to his name,
Adore Eve's daughters, for but love makes right,
Salving withering wounds and bruises of shame,
That our souls be winged rather than lame.
    In your hearts and minds, be the death of night,
    For it was to love that to Earth we came.

Eulogy, written April 24, 2012

I remember what it was like
to be eaten alive.
The feeling, the sound,
and the scent
still linger in my thoughts.

Recall he was an amalgam:
each and every tepid doubt,
countless tumultuous hatreds,
the negative mentality
born into one haughty flesh.

The air carried sad sounds:
a starved beast's malicious growl,
metallic teeth gnashing fiercely,
bones both snapping and splintering sickly,
a demure treble—
the spilling of pulp at my feet.

Don't forget about Anxiety,
the insatiate flesh-eater,
or the texture
of his soft neck
beneath constricting fingers.

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