Friday, September 14, 2012

Strecker-Nelson Gallery: Animalia Opening

Check out the Fine Fine art at Strecker-Nelson Art Gallery Downtown:

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opening Friday, September 21


Aaron Morgan Brown  

"Ala Icarus"      31.75x24.5" oil on panel
 Aaron Morgan Brown

Please join us for the:

Opening Reception for the Artists
5:00 - 8:00 PM
Friday, September 21

"Animalia" Featured Exhibitors Include:

Aaron Morgan Brown
Joel Dugan
Connie Ernatt
Barbara Waterman-Peters
Ann Piper
Kathleen Shanahan

     Joel Dugan      
"Emerge"   84x56  oil on canvas    Joel Dugan

"MWS Animalia (Homage)"    48x60  oil on canvas     
Barbara Waterman-Peters  


16x20  oil on panel  Ann Piper


"Living Together in Aspen"  
30x40  mixed media
Kathleen Shanahan


"Queen of the Meadow"  13.25x10x12.5  Bronze Assemblage 
Connie Ernatt

Strecker-Nelson Gallery
406 1/2 Poyntz 
Manhattan, KS  
785 537 2099  

Other Exhibitors Include:

Patrick Duegaw - paintings
Christopher Gulick - mobiles
Audrey Leamon - watercolors
Nora Othic - pastels

"Birdcage"      28x21x21 copper   Christopher Gulick

"Stream Place III"       29.75x37.25   watercolor     Audrey Leamon


"Goats and Apples"     27x21   pastel on paper
Nora Othic


"The Electrical Mayhem with Caulking Gun
and Construction Adhesive' Scene"
 18x47       Ink, Acrylic, Polyurethane on Wallboard
  Patrick Duegaw

and don't forget to visit our downstairs ground level -

406 Poyntz Ave
Manhattan, Kansas
 Street Level, 1st Floor 

 Recent additions to our display include works by  
Margaret Buie, Jean Terry, Elaine Lierly Jones, Kristin Goering,  
Harland Schuster, Robert Sudlow, Bill McCall, Carol McCall, 
Michael Jilg, Jane Booth, Lois Copt, Becky Johnson,  
Tom Parish, Debra Clemente, Heather Smith Jones,
and David Bahre.   

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Strecker-Nelson Gallery
406 1/2 Poyntz
Manhattan, KS 66502
785 537 2099 

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