Monday, January 31, 2011

Video of Egyptian Woman: Violent Criminals Released, Specific Orders to Vandalize and Attack

Video: Criminals told to attack people in exchange for parole and wiping their criminal record clean?? This Egyptian woman's plea is particularly heartrending in the final 3 minutes.

Want to Know More: HERE 

obviously, video was removed.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Letter from an Iranian to the People of Egypt: Learn from Our Mistakes! Updates

Quick update: ElBaradei-to-US: Take-Egypt's Mubarak-off-life-support

post: "Revolution in Iran did not end well". Here is a letter from an Iranian just written to the people of Egypt.
Right here:, a very thought provoking piece.
Click and read the whole thing.
egyptians in revolt
Here is the second part of the post: (the first is in my previous post today..)

"But our lessons:

-- Don't bring religion to government. We Iranian people unfortunately did, and the results are far worse than what we had. Fortunately, you do not have a powerful character like Khomanee who said one thing, before reaching power, and the opposite after. But still, avoid those who provide their strict religious belief as the solution, for complex problems that faces us today. Our problems today, require collective cooperation and rational thinking, and the freedom to do so. Do not let political-Islam to make you envy even these dark days of Mobark, 30 years later!
--Don't just focus on removal of that brutal, ignorant dictator Mobark, but also focus on visionary Egyptions that are NOT power hungry, focused on solving the issues, and are not hateful in their speeches.
--When the tyrant Mobarak finally agrees to step down, don't try to destroy your government and start from zero. That would only take you back another 30 years like it has done so for Iran. Every system, has bad but also very good individual that serves it.
--Don't execute or torture anyone, even those who tortured you or executed your loved ones. That's the only way to insure, execution and torture will be eradicated.

--Destruction of headquarters of Mobarks party is valid reaction to his despotic rule, but do not destroy banks, theaters. Those all belong to Egypt not Mobark.
--When you are rewriting you constitution, do not trust closed door sessions. Read every page of the documents and understand their ramifications. It is better to take the time to come up with a great document, than to hurry this process and have to redo it again in 30 years!
--Here's one we should have chanted from day 1 and we did not, Iran for all Iranian. Say, Egypt for all Egyptians! Moslem or Christian, northerner or southerners. Be aware of anyone who tries to do otherwise.

The whole world is watching and we hope you set a better example than our revolution did. We hope we can learn from you..."
more HERE is the writer's blog.
looks like interesting post titles.

Egypt: more from me HERE.

Neda, we will not forget.

FREEDOM and the media.

Egypt's Government Releases Criminals, Rapists, Murderers to Increase Chaos?

(video below) ABC news and other outlets this morning  interviewed non-government leaders in Egypt who declare that the Hosni Mubarak government has deliberately released violent criminals in order to "show" protesters what the country would be like without his strict rule.    Update HERE and here thousands of convicts flee prison
Yahoo news  reports that   

You Go Girl news sources say thousands pour out of prison
   "After days of escalating chaos, gangs of armed men attacked at least four jails across Egypt before dawn, helping to free hundreds of Muslim militants and thousands of other inmates. Gangs of young men with guns and large sticks smashed cars and robbed people in Cairo."
See how things are not always as they seem? We do not really know what is real.
What is the truth? Were the jails so weak that inmates easily "escaped"? Or does the Mubarak government see a benefit in releasing violent men into the streets so the people will say, "oops--sorry, make us safe again."

How much freedom do you give up to be Safe?
 In this country we are giving up freedoms at a quick pace; how much is actually necessary?

How strongly should our American government, Our Leaders, speak
 For The People in countries where there is oppression?
 How much KISSING UP do Our Leaders do in the name of "slow progress"
versus giving those who
ARE LOSING THEIR LIVES trying to live free
 the United States of America's Imprimatur to act for freedom?
Are there worse folks hoping to move into power,
behind the revolution??
waiting for the instability of the revolution?
Battles for Freedom:
abandoning iran
sharia-law-muslim brotherhood
american rape

By the way, Mubarak has kept Egypt under "emergency rule" for 30 years!
what is the Muslim Brotherhood?

More Info and Photo galleries:
jim lehrer interviews Biden

Is Janet Jackson in Egypt?
 Can anyone say Shah?

  is a letter from and Iraninan to the Egyptians:
Excerpt: "29-Jan-2011
The world is watching the heroic uprising of the brave Egyptian people, and their just demand for political freedom, government accountability and a better living standard. Over 32 years ago, Iranian people did the same against the oppressive regime of the then Shah of Iran, for the same reasons.
My dear Egyptian brothers and sisters,
When we look back in our own lives, sometimes there are situations we wish we handled differently, had we KNOWN more, or had we been wiser. Life of a nation is no different. So I am writing to you, to share our experience, in the hope, the people of Egypt can do better than people of Iran, in dealing with their dictator, and build a better Egypt.
32 years ago, as the emotions of our nation were focused on the immediate removal of the Shah, our mind was not looking forward as to what to replace that old bankrupt system with? Today, not only are Iranian people no closer to a more accountable government nor better living standards, our social freedom along with our political freedom has been taken away from us as well.
Egyptian brothers and sisters,
Today in Iran, we don't have basic political freedom to assemble, as the Islamic Regime of Iran, does not allow freedom of assembly. Today, the Islamic Regime of Iran, does not even allow a candidate that passed its filtering process, and according to their own statistics received over 13 million votes, to hold a simple rally. How much freedom do you think an Iranian have today? Today, we do not have political parties. Even political factions are not tolerated within the Islamic regime.

My dear Egyptian brothers and sisters,
In spite of Iran's vast natural resources, many in Iran live in poverty and those who ask for accountability, are persecuted. So to flee Iran, appears to be the main option. As a result, some of the best and brightest talents of Iran, lives outside Iran, contributing to the host country who sheltered them instead of their own! MORE

Pictures from above link Lehrer intervews Biden

Neda Soltani We will not forget!


(gripe grype. what were you doing, writing concerned notes to your congressperson?)

i hope our government is  well on top of this lil egypt thingy
I liked the way Hillary Clinton did not let the press put words into her mouth this morning. (Yes i watched the stagecrap today as i needed the sleep)

more HERE

Can the U.S. Government Hit the Kill Switch for Our Internet? (Stop saying kill!)

The U.S. Government already can? HERE committee-passes-plan-for-internet-kill-switch in U.S.
is the story.

Here is the scary Close Call story of the day. Yikes!! man-arrested-with-explosives-at-michigan-mosque

Full Speed aHEAD

Friday, January 28, 2011

Steve Brodner's Afghanistan Art Cartoon: Wach this from PBS Need to Know

Steve Brodner: A home in Afghanistan, but whose? January 28, 2011
what an art form!
more here pbs need-to-know video-a-home-in-afghanistan-but-whose

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.

excerpt from PBS's Need to Know: "President Obama barely mentioned Afghanistan in his State of the Union speech this week. He said the words “Afghanistan” and “Afghan” a total of eight times, if you’re counting, including his declaration that American troops will begin leaving Afghanistan this summer — which was a big applause line. As for what we’ll be leaving behind there — editorial cartoonist Steve Brodner has some thoughts."
See more Brodner editorial cartoons at his site.

Anniversary of the Challenger Morning Marked by NASA

Here is a picture of the sky on the 25th anniversary of the tragedy of the Challenger,
Astronauts who had become familiar, Lost right there in the face and hearts and eyes of all American school children, who had a teacher on board! Millions of our children suffered and learned about sadness and loss that day, each child according to their own understanding or investment into the space program...
There were words, collected and written by Peggy Noonan I believe, that took our hearts up higher, like rising on thermals...

My morning today

Here was the news feed: This is incredibly sad.

Here are the words of the speech:

Noonan drew on the words of
Poet John Gillespie Magee, Jr
High Flight

Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
Sunward I’ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
of sun-split clouds, — and done a hundred things
You have not dreamed of — wheeled and soared and swung
High in the sunlit silence. Hov’ring there,
I’ve chased the shouting wind along, and flung

My eager craft through footless halls of air....
Up, up the long, delirious, burning blue
I’ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace.

Where never lark or even eagle flew —
And, while with silent lifting mind I’ve trod
The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.

Here is the presidential address:

Here is NASA's article with pictures today.excerpt below.

excerpt: "NASA is remembering three major tragedies in its history this week, starting with the 25th anniversary of the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger on Friday.

"This year marks the 25th anniversary of the loss of the Challenger—a tragedy that caused us to completely rethink our systems and processes as we worked to make the shuttle safer," NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said in an AFP report.
Along with deputy administrator Lori Garver, Bolden honored the lives of those lost in Apollo 1 and space shuttles Challenger and Columbia by laying a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia Thursday morning.

"The nation will never forget Jan. 28, 1986, nor its indelible images," Bolden added.
Challenger's entire crew was killed when the shuttle exploded just 73 seconds after its launch, 46,000 feet in the air. The explosion was broadcast on live television.
In 2003, a faulty heat shield caused Columbia to disintegrate as it re-entered the earth's atmosphere, killing seven astronauts. A fire aboard Apollo 1 proved fatal for the vessel's crew of three in 1967. This mission was the first of NASA's manned trips to the moon.
Since 1964, 24 people have been killed in a NASA mission, but NASA says it has learned since then.
"Safety is the number one priority at NASA and the shuttle launch schedule does not drive discussions or decisions when issues arise," a NASA spokesperson told PCMag. "That is reiterated often and is apparent in media events about the issues."

Perhaps the most telling example is the recent delays in the coming launch of Space Shuttle Discovery. The ship was originally set to take off on its final voyage on Nov. 1, but due to leaks, inclement weather, electrical issues, and equipment problems, the mission was delayed more than a half a dozen times. It's now scheduled to lift off Feb. 24.
"NASA has learned hard lessons from each of our tragedies, and they are lessons that we will continue to keep at the forefront of our work as we continuously strive for a culture of safety that will help us avoid our past mistakes and heed warnings while corrective measures are possible," Bolden said.

After Discovery, the shuttle Endeavor is supposed to launch in April 18, the AFP said. Additionally, if Congress hands over the necessary funds, NASA is hoping to send Space Shuttle Atlantis into orbit for an additional trip.
In October, President Obama signed the 2010 NASA Authorization Act, which added an additional flight to the space shuttle fleet before its retirement The administration is looking at a June launch for Atlantis, but it's lacking several hundred million dollars necessary to get the ship off the ground. "

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Martin Luther King's Speech at K-State in 1968 Found: The Dreamer Speaks Again

Pictures and Videos, including the tape of the 1968 speech, The Future of Integration, will be posted below.
The men who were with Dr. King, here at Kansas State University 43 years ago, were here for lunch today!
Mr. George Haley, Mr. Homer Floyd, Dr. William Boyer (livecam),
honoring Galyn Vesey--click on pics to enlarge.

 It was a packed house- over 300 attendees.

Click pics to enlarge

Related posts HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE

The next generation

Dr. Myra Gordon and Rev Jim Spencer

Dr. Carla Jones

Dr. Kathy Greene, Dr. Linda Morse, Dr. Suzzane Leuker

Pretty People at the Martin Luther King Celebration Lunch,
2011 who listened to the 1968 speech he gave at Kansas State University just 3 months before his assassination.
Audio/video of speech added here later today...

Dr. Ruth Dyer and Galyn Vesey
Trying to avoid the paparazzi

Dr. Myra Gordon is pleased.

More to come--

Here is the speech, recorded in the room, posted in 7-10 minute blocks on youtube.

embedded below

More to come-it takes a while to get these up on youtube

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Morning Sun Seen through Fog and Hard Frozen Kansas Air

There was an eerieness to the air;
snow moisture coalesced at face level
the wind of a hundred crows
 sending me off this morning
still, stop to capture the foggy sun.
A couple of these are untouched but reduced in size; a couple of changes in exposure and texture in the others pleases me. I hope they please you. Click on this one to enlarge. Yes!

Monday, January 24, 2011

What is a Rape Culture? Is Ben Roethlisberger a rapist? Do you know what Rape is?

I have read so much incorrect (or deliberately vile) information in the last few days my head hurts and i want to post more pictures of funny cats and gaze at the stars...
Do you know what a culture that supports rape is? Read a great summary
 HERE: This is What Rape Culture Looks Like.

Do you know that a "really drunk chick" can NOT give legal consent? Teach yourself HERE.

Those in the know (like bodyguards) have no doubt that Kobe Bryant, Ben Roethlisberger, and other big powerful celebrities with lots of money escape justice all the time.

first roethlisberger post here

Recent Roethlisberger post- actual police report here

(while my blog has a lot of various posts about the research/ recognizing the Rapist, please check this link out:
Rapist Research HERE.

my tiny meaningless vote against roethlisberger.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Kansas State University: 1968 and 2011 (The Dreamer Speaks Again)

Dr. Martin Luther King Integration Speech at K-State: Newest Post with pictures and video of the luncheon event Thursday 1-27-2011 CLICK HERE
Observance Week 2011 at K-State: events, calendar, information, click  HERE.

Then, watch this video below or click to watch it (better size) on
K-State Insider  HERE

There will not be a dry eye in the house this coming Thursday, i promise you.
I am going to have to sell Kleenex and make a fortune...

More pics of the visit by Dr. King to Kansas State University at the K-State Library HERE.

More pictures, video, art and quotes from 2010 HERE.

Thanks to Dr. Myra Gordon and her office!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ben Roethlisberger Gets to Play for the NFL Superbowl Trip; Here is the second Rape Victim's Actual Report to the Milledgeville Police; the 2008 first Case

more at end


A man approaches you in a bar       
with his penis out on display--Your friends report
 that the guy's bodyguards will not let let them get to you
while you are being raped in a bathroom--So
 after, you go to the first Police car you see
 to report a rape---
 But, the guy            
-ben Roethlisberger
-is playing
in the championship game today,
quarterbacking for the Steelers who I always liked
 for Coach Bill Cowher's
Popeye face and the long haired Troy Polamalu, making the game exciting, getting Good Air--
finding that i am rooting against the steelers
Considering that Ben Roethlisberger
would appear to any reasonably-minded person
to be a bullying ungallant brute of a man,
who would do things to
 a girl like your daughter
your sister
that will leave you wondering if you really are suppose to go hurt him, somehow...
is ben roethlisberger a rapist?
The court documents from the SECOND case of sexual assault are at the end of the post.
though, I want men to tell me
--if we put the Rape charge aside for a moment--

are we all ok, are you men all ok with this behavior
is Ben Roethlisberger the new OK?
Tell Me please!?                

((So you always HEAR

that it is the Team; if the
Team grows and stays together and bonds and self-sacrifices,
Ben Roethlisberger twice
 denies rape charges
Self Sacrifices
victory comes. The big Payoff
You’ve heard it a million times but is it real
What if that
Is in fact the secret?
 When you’ve been there, you might see the truth of it clearly.

Or you might not, if you are a self-centered youngster, a just-- waking- up juvenile, an impaired- vision tadpole who could not see the team effect as, he was preoccupied with looking at himself in the mirror. Or she couldn’t stop looking at the stat book.
And likewise,
What if the way to succeed in life is not to focus on you and your needs and your lusts and your desires and your cravings and your hurts and your grudges and your image
and your Image
but Life Success came as a side effect of Beautiful, humble, gracious, generous, clean, open, truthful power and leadership?
Quiet leadership, active leadership, silent leadership, there are all kinds for all kinds…

And likewise,
What if the best most undeniably perfect way to find and mate with, partner with, learn to love and become a grown up in the world with; complete-- the best woman in the world or the best man for a lifetime

In fact
to be honorable and chaste and powerful and meaningful?
To be a Pure Force on the space in your world. To affect every one around you Up up Up

Not be a cool playah, walkin bad, embarrassing our father if he saw you act withat kind of pridefulness…
Embarrassing your Mother who only lowers her head and wishes you strength and manliness…
I speak as your sister or auntie-
Lusty little randy little billygoat stupid swingin your swagger Shakin yer baking Image management
What a loser…what a Loss to us
likewise the way to get rich is not to try to get rich but to do things Right-
What if those really are the secrets and all the “clichés” you’ve heard too many times to take it seriously—

Is the Truth obtained at Great Cost?
(What kind of man do you want to be? When you are 29 or 39 or 50, what are you really?
If you died tomorrow, what do folks say about you?
 Who hurt less in life
   In the hard places

Because of you?
You are ON your trajectory right now.
Your family, your upbringing, your genes, your jeans all went into your trajectory-
But YOU have a say in it now. You can affect your trajectory with your own personal power of
your will and spirit and heart.))

What does our culture need?
How is Ben Roethlisberger a symptom and or consequense of our culture?

Rape charges HERE
All I’m sayin is, All i'm asking about:
What kind of guy; Is Roethlisberger (earlier post here)  actually the Kind of Man who goes into a bar and while a big body guards the door after he pulls or lures or pushed a young girl- he just met that night- into the bathroom and has sex with her?
what kind of guy, dad?
and then,—denies I think for the second time in the past few years that a Rape charge was truthfully leveled aginst him. He is saying,
no, i had legal consent. i acted honorably and legally.

 Some women and men recognize this type of person.

It is hard to report a rape.

See Here

Or Here Or Here Or  Here….

Tell me, men, what is the line?
Where are the masses of american men headed in terms of
what is ok for men to do?
Tell me about honor?
The press media coverage?
BTW,Who gets away with this,
who does not?
CAN THE MEDIA make us forget one man's sins and stone another in a whipped up frenzy of anger?

please tell me
Here is The actual report from the victim (23 pages)
Here is the initial report: click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Curtis Kelly (K-State Basketball) got a 6 game suspension for accepting clothing from Dillards.
Ben Roethlisberger was also suspended for 6 games. reduced to 4??

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