Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rhinos and Cheetahs Oh My! Do you like Wildlife? Want them to stick around?

From Cheetahs to Elephants, Wildebeests to Orangutans
 there are hard times ahead. Lots of documentaries are available to watch. (LIKE HERE and HERE)
I just want to add my voice, please make some calls, donate a few bucks, get involved.
The Smithsonian had a FABulous article on the cheetah.--like, do you know why they are all so related genetically?
When you were a kid, did you not just LOOOVE the wild animals!? now, it's just fun to wear them!!
click on pic to enlarge

 Cheetah! Leopard! Rhino--Oh My!
 Rhino mom and baby rhino
sweetest baby rhinoceros

 lion and cub
more of these

 Young chimpanzee- actually, that looks like a gorillla.
here is a baby mountain gorilla looking for food:

PBS Leopard special HERE

snow baboons

Snow leopard
More Snow Leopard Pics from the Snow Leopard Trust

rhinoceros charging
 Baby Rhino
Everybody pitching in to help

mother and baby hippopotamus
Baby Hippo

Good Dog.

(Free Chinese Free Speech Artist Ai Weiwei )

Lions HERE

Respect animal quotes HERE

when animals attack: here

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