Monday, January 10, 2011

Black Fawn and Family - Beautiful! (Corrected here- true Photographer Buquoi)

Well- go to snopes HERE to read about the actual photographer.
I usually check out sources, my bad mistake. Apparently,
These wonderful photos were taken by R.M.Buquoi Photographics
   HERE is his website.
His website is very expansive and beautiful. Check it out!!

A BLACK FAWN (and below, unrelated photos of Albino deer) -
thought i'd pass along this beauty.
click on pic to enlarge!

these albinos, received through email- i am still looking for source.

More deer, stag, and miraculous preemie fawn HERE


  1. Do you have the link to his images? (I.e. rather than reposting) I'd like to see what else he has.

  2. i do not- (since i was emailed this several times and have seen it here and there i assumed it was readily available.) perhaps you can find it faster than i can! i will try the magical GOOGLE. good luck.

  3. The last thing i'd ever want is to obscure the true authorship of a photo. (In the end, i am only glad to spread the beauty. But) I'm sorry not to have checked this out first. I always link if i can..thanks to the anonymous note...