Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt's Government Releases Criminals, Rapists, Murderers to Increase Chaos?

(video below) ABC news and other outlets this morning  interviewed non-government leaders in Egypt who declare that the Hosni Mubarak government has deliberately released violent criminals in order to "show" protesters what the country would be like without his strict rule.    Update HERE and here thousands of convicts flee prison
Yahoo news  reports that   

You Go Girl news sources say thousands pour out of prison
   "After days of escalating chaos, gangs of armed men attacked at least four jails across Egypt before dawn, helping to free hundreds of Muslim militants and thousands of other inmates. Gangs of young men with guns and large sticks smashed cars and robbed people in Cairo."
See how things are not always as they seem? We do not really know what is real.
What is the truth? Were the jails so weak that inmates easily "escaped"? Or does the Mubarak government see a benefit in releasing violent men into the streets so the people will say, "oops--sorry, make us safe again."

How much freedom do you give up to be Safe?
 In this country we are giving up freedoms at a quick pace; how much is actually necessary?

How strongly should our American government, Our Leaders, speak
 For The People in countries where there is oppression?
 How much KISSING UP do Our Leaders do in the name of "slow progress"
versus giving those who
ARE LOSING THEIR LIVES trying to live free
 the United States of America's Imprimatur to act for freedom?
Are there worse folks hoping to move into power,
behind the revolution??
waiting for the instability of the revolution?
Battles for Freedom:
abandoning iran
sharia-law-muslim brotherhood
american rape

By the way, Mubarak has kept Egypt under "emergency rule" for 30 years!
what is the Muslim Brotherhood?

More Info and Photo galleries:
jim lehrer interviews Biden

Is Janet Jackson in Egypt?
 Can anyone say Shah?

  is a letter from and Iraninan to the Egyptians:
Excerpt: "29-Jan-2011
The world is watching the heroic uprising of the brave Egyptian people, and their just demand for political freedom, government accountability and a better living standard. Over 32 years ago, Iranian people did the same against the oppressive regime of the then Shah of Iran, for the same reasons.
My dear Egyptian brothers and sisters,
When we look back in our own lives, sometimes there are situations we wish we handled differently, had we KNOWN more, or had we been wiser. Life of a nation is no different. So I am writing to you, to share our experience, in the hope, the people of Egypt can do better than people of Iran, in dealing with their dictator, and build a better Egypt.
32 years ago, as the emotions of our nation were focused on the immediate removal of the Shah, our mind was not looking forward as to what to replace that old bankrupt system with? Today, not only are Iranian people no closer to a more accountable government nor better living standards, our social freedom along with our political freedom has been taken away from us as well.
Egyptian brothers and sisters,
Today in Iran, we don't have basic political freedom to assemble, as the Islamic Regime of Iran, does not allow freedom of assembly. Today, the Islamic Regime of Iran, does not even allow a candidate that passed its filtering process, and according to their own statistics received over 13 million votes, to hold a simple rally. How much freedom do you think an Iranian have today? Today, we do not have political parties. Even political factions are not tolerated within the Islamic regime.

My dear Egyptian brothers and sisters,
In spite of Iran's vast natural resources, many in Iran live in poverty and those who ask for accountability, are persecuted. So to flee Iran, appears to be the main option. As a result, some of the best and brightest talents of Iran, lives outside Iran, contributing to the host country who sheltered them instead of their own! MORE

Pictures from above link Lehrer intervews Biden

Neda Soltani We will not forget!


(gripe grype. what were you doing, writing concerned notes to your congressperson?)

i hope our government is  well on top of this lil egypt thingy
I liked the way Hillary Clinton did not let the press put words into her mouth this morning. (Yes i watched the stagecrap today as i needed the sleep)

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  1. There is a lenthy slide show 124 pictures Here:

  2. TIME PASSES but things remain the same. even our own government, now firmly entrenched in power, is not willing to risk, to expose itself in the name of freedom. Where is the true spirit of human rights? No hope for change, as the millenia pass...

  3. I remember Neda Soltani,s and expect worse.

  4. In the Hindustan Times, where it is already a Monday byline, here is another story about criminals out of jail:

  5. As Jay always says---YIKES&%$#@