Thursday, January 20, 2011

Compare White House Treatment of Dalai Lama and the Chinese President

China, currently being feted by the white house, does not want President Obama to be nice to the Dalai Lama. (
  excerpt:   BEIJING — China said President Barack Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama "seriously harms U.S.-China relations," but the way the two countries have handled the White House chat indicates instead that both would rather avoid a major crisis. Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai summoned U.S. Ambassador Jon Huntsman on Friday to protest Thursday's meeting...
"The behavior of the U.S. side seriously interferes in China's internal politics, seriously hurts the national feelings of the Chinese people and seriously harms U.S.-China relations," a Foreign Ministry statement said, quoting spokesman Ma Zhaoxu...
Human Rights <  Money

excerpt 2: "For its part, the White House gave the Dalai Lama relatively low-profile treatment, holding the meeting in the Map Room, a less prominent venue than the Oval Office.There was no welcome fanfare, and Obama made no public comments. The White House banned journalists and distributed a single photo of the two leaders... Obama declined to see the Dalai Lama during his Washington stay in October because it would have come before the president's China visit in November."

I must compare the way the Dali Lama was rushed out the back door of the white house past some trash (seriously, can you IMAGINE the current Chinese delegation being photographed here!?) and the pomp and lavish, or slavish sumptuousness currently being displayed for Hu.
Pics and Video here


400 dollar bottles of wine
Lavish or ridiculous?

no peace prize for Chinese Man

By The Trashy Way --
OK the wine was only 399 dollars


  1. By The Trashy Way -- It is true that
    The Dalai Lama most probably has no thought or rather prefers the humble quieter poorer way.
    I would bet my bottom dollar on it.
    and that President Hu expects and wants all the slavish pomp and expense and Honor and Glory he can get and shine back to his living-under-threat people,
    One must manifest oneself, mustn't one? So if the USA is this, we should act like THIIS; if we are That, well,

  2. Appalling. Disgusting.

  3. Yes well put me down for embarrassed to be an American with this type of garbage.

  4. Why is anyone surprised. Power commands respect. Show me someone who is not swayed by power and they are not in the whitehouse anymore.