Friday, January 14, 2011

New Evidence of Jared Lee Loughner Signs of Mental Distress Released (2)

The face of Jared Loughner changing over time is telling.
Video released by Pima Community College was part of the file
which resulted in his expulsion. well, the video  was pulled off the embed. View here:,0,6932026.story

and HERE is the link to the written documents from Pima Community College.
These are the types of documents every university keeps in order to record troubles with students in case they later need to do the last thing they really want to; expel someone. I know that those who work with these kids hope for their success and are saddened when they will not get help.
Some of the most affected folks with schizophrenia that i worked with in D.C. did NOT want help. They preferred to be homeless, or, "free" and did NOT want to be medicated.
Let there  be no judgement where there is no compassion.
I think Hervey Cleckly said that, who was a researcher of the sociopath.

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The changing Face of Jared Loughner over time.


So everyone has a theory, including that this face reflects possession.

(Please consider not hating this poor pitiful creature by the name of Jared Lee Loughner.)

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