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Ben Roethlisberger Gets to Play for the NFL Superbowl Trip; Here is the second Rape Victim's Actual Report to the Milledgeville Police; the 2008 first Case

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A man approaches you in a bar       
with his penis out on display--Your friends report
 that the guy's bodyguards will not let let them get to you
while you are being raped in a bathroom--So
 after, you go to the first Police car you see
 to report a rape---
 But, the guy            
-ben Roethlisberger
-is playing
in the championship game today,
quarterbacking for the Steelers who I always liked
 for Coach Bill Cowher's
Popeye face and the long haired Troy Polamalu, making the game exciting, getting Good Air--
finding that i am rooting against the steelers
Considering that Ben Roethlisberger
would appear to any reasonably-minded person
to be a bullying ungallant brute of a man,
who would do things to
 a girl like your daughter
your sister
that will leave you wondering if you really are suppose to go hurt him, somehow...
is ben roethlisberger a rapist?
The court documents from the SECOND case of sexual assault are at the end of the post.
though, I want men to tell me
--if we put the Rape charge aside for a moment--

are we all ok, are you men all ok with this behavior
is Ben Roethlisberger the new OK?
Tell Me please!?                

((So you always HEAR

that it is the Team; if the
Team grows and stays together and bonds and self-sacrifices,
Ben Roethlisberger twice
 denies rape charges
Self Sacrifices
victory comes. The big Payoff
You’ve heard it a million times but is it real
What if that
Is in fact the secret?
 When you’ve been there, you might see the truth of it clearly.

Or you might not, if you are a self-centered youngster, a just-- waking- up juvenile, an impaired- vision tadpole who could not see the team effect as, he was preoccupied with looking at himself in the mirror. Or she couldn’t stop looking at the stat book.
And likewise,
What if the way to succeed in life is not to focus on you and your needs and your lusts and your desires and your cravings and your hurts and your grudges and your image
and your Image
but Life Success came as a side effect of Beautiful, humble, gracious, generous, clean, open, truthful power and leadership?
Quiet leadership, active leadership, silent leadership, there are all kinds for all kinds…

And likewise,
What if the best most undeniably perfect way to find and mate with, partner with, learn to love and become a grown up in the world with; complete-- the best woman in the world or the best man for a lifetime

In fact
to be honorable and chaste and powerful and meaningful?
To be a Pure Force on the space in your world. To affect every one around you Up up Up

Not be a cool playah, walkin bad, embarrassing our father if he saw you act withat kind of pridefulness…
Embarrassing your Mother who only lowers her head and wishes you strength and manliness…
I speak as your sister or auntie-
Lusty little randy little billygoat stupid swingin your swagger Shakin yer baking Image management
What a loser…what a Loss to us
likewise the way to get rich is not to try to get rich but to do things Right-
What if those really are the secrets and all the “clichés” you’ve heard too many times to take it seriously—

Is the Truth obtained at Great Cost?
(What kind of man do you want to be? When you are 29 or 39 or 50, what are you really?
If you died tomorrow, what do folks say about you?
 Who hurt less in life
   In the hard places

Because of you?
You are ON your trajectory right now.
Your family, your upbringing, your genes, your jeans all went into your trajectory-
But YOU have a say in it now. You can affect your trajectory with your own personal power of
your will and spirit and heart.))

What does our culture need?
How is Ben Roethlisberger a symptom and or consequense of our culture?

Rape charges HERE
All I’m sayin is, All i'm asking about:
What kind of guy; Is Roethlisberger (earlier post here)  actually the Kind of Man who goes into a bar and while a big body guards the door after he pulls or lures or pushed a young girl- he just met that night- into the bathroom and has sex with her?
what kind of guy, dad?
and then,—denies I think for the second time in the past few years that a Rape charge was truthfully leveled aginst him. He is saying,
no, i had legal consent. i acted honorably and legally.

 Some women and men recognize this type of person.

It is hard to report a rape.

See Here

Or Here Or Here Or  Here….

Tell me, men, what is the line?
Where are the masses of american men headed in terms of
what is ok for men to do?
Tell me about honor?
The press media coverage?
BTW,Who gets away with this,
who does not?
CAN THE MEDIA make us forget one man's sins and stone another in a whipped up frenzy of anger?

please tell me
Here is The actual report from the victim (23 pages)
Here is the initial report: click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Curtis Kelly (K-State Basketball) got a 6 game suspension for accepting clothing from Dillards.
Ben Roethlisberger was also suspended for 6 games. reduced to 4??

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  1. Why don't these rich guys just go pay for a hooker? they got the cash.. or is it the thrill of the kill? so to speak.
    These guys make me sick. they can have anything they want and yet - this is what it comes to?
    reminds me of the movie SHOWGIRLS where the music star had body guards and the story is basically same as you wrote above.. except in the movie world her friend got to kick the shit out of the guy and in real life- well money buys justice and it the Boys in $800 suits that walk out of court with slap on wrist, or a good PR agent keeps these rich guys out of court. thanks for airing out this info, sorry my stomach is turning over it...
    (Maybe the need a Siberian football team where these guys go... we could call it the KBG and start with Ben and Mr Vick )

  2. No one knows what really happened by the culture is a sick puppie. we taught our boys to behave like this now we gotta eat it.

  3. Well, there are some who know what happened.
    And the truth is the truth; "the mills of God grind exceedingly slow but they grind exceedingly fine..."

  4. Few people know how hard it is to prosecute this crime. it is a weird thing where consent is needed for the act to be legal, but does not have to be proven in rape cases. Criminal Justice majors-unite! in finding a new way to deal with this onslaught of violence against women that id going UNCHECKED.

  5. yeah, read this http://socialguys take on it

  6. oops lemme try again try this guys take on it

  7. just looked at the link posted here socialmediaseo?? and I am stunned at the comments of people - I suspect that being IN SHOCK after a high powered PRO football player has "Sex"? with your body... has something to do with her minutes and hours after the event... If a Chicken can die from Shock after a dog attacks it and does not physically harm it much... then how does a young woman feel when men- either frat boy or football hulk, "have their way" with these young women?
    Gosh i hope I worded that Politically correct enough for the people who think all girls are lairs and doubt that rape is real...
    I saw a bit of the NFL talk today and noticed the guys got Ben's name spoken a few times in the discourse of great yardage thrown...
    -PS- I do not equate dog fighting is lesser evil or crime as one of people who posted an opinion... but it is a good question- why is Ben not in Jail?

  8. OK.. I TAKE it BACK Ben is Butt Ugly.. and I just read the KC STAR article from yesterday about "Good Ole Boy" Ben: So I am Stunned yet again, by not the story as much as a few comments.... here is a quote from one of them.. and i will point out my offense at MK14 use of
    "Unfortunate incident" and noted the 'victim is now made whole'.. read for yourself; is this what people really believe????
    "The difference is Ben is one of the 5 best quarterbacks in the NFL, the most valuable professional sports league in the world.

    Was it an unfortunante incident in Georgia last year? Absolutely. Was Ben punished? Yes. Was the young woman involved, made whole again? By all accounts, yes. Should we care what professional athletes do off the playing field? Not if the justice system doesn't.

    Parent your own kids, don't rely on athletes to be "role-models" to your children. YOU teach them right from wrong, not Ben Rothlisberger."(by mk14)
    the link to article is this:

    So.. i take it back, he is a pig, and apparently many men see women in a way I am not able to traverse.
    AND KATYTOLD; Sister --- I think, by now Ben's poor mother is hiding in a cave in Afghanistan and has the cable man coming on Wednesday to block certain channels on the Tele!!!
    I am guessing, she feels Ben was an "Unfortunate Incident" as well, I doubt that SHE IS MADE WHOLE BY now! Even though as someone else said "are we beating this dead horse again.."
    This is NOT A Dead Horse and Hope that just because time has passed that the 'Fantasy Redemption concept' some are embracing; so they just enjoy 'the Big game'..are not forgetting the underlying savagery of the acts that not only Ben and men like him get away with, but the long lasting and life destroying effects on: these women, and these 'Rapes' have on us-both as women and as a culture or society.

  9. Well said and I am sick of the powers protecting these beasts. Please! What is everybody thinking?

  10. He is a stupid person if he thinks no one cares about his behavior. He just be a little smart if he is a good quarterback. The problem is money. No one wants to lose him if he is a good athlete. Again and again, money and the love of it is the root of all these problems. What a sad thing that people think that because he was not prosecuted, he did not do it. Most rapists are not prosecuted. Many women stop pushing the issue becauseof horrible pressure put on them. Shame on him.