Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stoning Jared Lee Loughner

We hate the violence he did; let's stone him!
There was a little boy
named Jared Lee Loughner. He was born 22 years ago.
When he was a baby he needed to be fed, washed, soothed; he needed his diaper changed. He was weighed and measured, shots were received, he was praised, scolded, taught to sing, color, share, take a nap.
Jared Lee Loughner started life as a baby, just like each and every person who has lived or ever will live on the planet.
People undoubtedly said, "What a cute baby!"
By first grade he could tie his shoes and dress himself.
By third grade he probably knew how to get his parents' attention, his teachers' attention, his friends attention, in whatever way he could.

By his senior year in high school he, like any other American kid, had watched over 100,000 murders on TV.
He had seen hundreds of thousands of beer commercials.
He had seen half a million scenes of happy beautiful people having fun, in the know, accepting each other.
How many murders had he committed virtually in video games?
How many times did he use drugs to medicate his pain?
How many times did he feel the close connectedness of friendship and being part of the group? Now everyone in media wants to see the last picture he took of himself, holding his gun, wearing a red thong.

How many times has the media celebrated women in red thongs,
their power in their nakedness,
their clout between the legs in symbols of sexuality?
How many times
does every little girl see
naked women getting all the good attention?

How many times
do little boys see the one
winning in the end?
What you want is to see Jared Loughner in a red thong, Right Voyeur?
The Media need to SHUT UP
about who created Jared Loughner
because it is they who almost surely have the biggest piece of that Blame Pie.
A big pie with a lot of pieces.

I am so sad for his life, his family, his pain.
My heart aches, I am so sad for his victims and
 the spiral of huge pain that is now but beginning.

In washington dc, as a counselor, i lived with 45 people who suffered from schizophenia. Wonderful people who taught me a lot. (hi David) They had come from various places: the street, halfway houses, St. Elizabeth's hospital.
The life of someone who is paranoid is a HORRIBLE suffering.

Where there is no compassion let there be no judgement.
(The Mask of Sanity, Cleckley)

If we stone him we do not have to blame ourselves
for not being compassionate to the ill, the lonely, the freaked out around us.

If the MEDIA BLAME anyone, it is to cover their
own hypocritcal, hyper-violent, superficial,
disgusting red-thonged rear ends.

Fu'Cryin' Out Loud!

How much is the media scrambling, offering, for a picture of Jared Lee Loughner in the red thong? Hypocrites!


  1. It IS hilarioius to watch the media try to place blame of someone else when they are constantly pushing violence mix with sexiness mix with money mix with power. Why dont we have more of these horribel things is what I want to know.

  2. Well, how many do you need before it seems an epidemic-- we are not a peaceful happy cooperative group in many areas; there is fear and crime. Why do we hurt those of our own species? your theory?

  3. nicely written, and important thoughts