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Sociopaths, Animal Abuse, Michael Vick and Our Own Hearts: Part III (Bump)

Studying animal abuse is a good way (horrifying and enlightening) to explore the dynamics of the sociopath.
(Part II of this discussion is here;  
 Part I is here.)
see the healing of Gypsy,
 the dog in the pic below, HERE

I would like to state clearly that not Every high sociopathic individual is an animal abuser.
Some might even appear to be animal lovers- either

a) because having animals clearly works to show folks how "nice" you are, including as a "babe magnet" -[ ]- and

b) because the dog or cat can provide a good "partner" in self pity, someone to be consoled by, to listen to the complaints, who never argues back. Everything is on your terms. No dog or cat will point out your logic flaws and selfish ways. They actually seem to agree with everything you say! Dang, dude, you are sooo right!

c) sometimes, a high-sociopathic individual will see their relationship with an animal as a source of pride; or they are wise enough to see that being cruel to animals will Out them.

Over time, however, selfish individuals will out.
I once lived next door to a big young good-looking sociopath, probably had an IQ of about 94, just a smidge below the average of 100. I encouraged our neighbor-relationship in order to observe. I will tell you more later re: the troubles and how to exit this type of relationship. Do not try this at homeIn grad school (clinical psych) my focus of study was on the impact of high-sociopathic individuals on the family and the culture. So i called it homework.

This Guy decided he wanted to have a Manx cat, (a tailless variety of cat) because it would make him seem cool. Way cooler than a "regular" cat. His words. Pain alert:
So one day i came home
 and found he had obtained a small black kitten.
 It was Not a Manx.
He had "made it a Manx" by "getting rid of the tail." He did that by using a door. You know, by closing a door a certain way to use it as a Sort of Severing Device.
So, to the babes-to-be, here was a guy who was so sensitive and cool he had a little cat he "loved."
I have little doubt that later he probably told his visitors, "Yeah, he was wounded when i got him. Needed a place to live. He was all busted up; i took care of him..."

I would also state that not all animal abusers are necessarily full-spectrum high-sociopaths. While probably most are, some animal abusers may have other disorders more specific to delusions or psychotic problems, or even showing the effects of socio-cultural learning and expectation factors.

So, returning to the more general discussion: Let the beginning of the obvious structure be:

  • Life is Good.
  • Living Things "Like" to Be Alive.
(or to the soulless evolutionary purists [SEP] out there: Living Things Seem to Behave in Ways that Improve Their chances of Staying Not Dead)
(SEP says, When the mom jumps in front of the car, pushing the child out of the way at the last minute, giving her life to save the baby, that is "explainable" by suggesting that her soulless non-eternal self just "wants" to make sure her genes get passed "along" what, not sure...Huh?)

  • Living Creatures Try Not to Get Dead.

  • We do things during our lives to "please ourselves" -- to make life worthwhile, to meet our ends and goals, whatever they might be.

So, for some [Rick]  it is to find a way to grow hard red wheat in a scorched land of famine.
For some
it is to get as much Gold as possible, and Jewels and Treasure!
For some it is to find a way to get them little malarians to stop sticking they tiny probes into us! thanks bill gates
For some it is to get many people to like or act like they like us, or to buy us things, or to talk nicely about us.
For some it is not to get bored.
For some it is to get other humans to do whatever they are told to do.
For some it is to get control of as much material and personal energy and resources as possible, always growing in influence and power.
 For some it is to feel, once again, as prized as one did when stepdad came into the room really late and was nice, and said nice things; Even though there was pain; there was attention.

For some
    it is not to feel as little and powerless as one did when dad ridiculed and smacked them.
For those
   it is to get big enough and strong enough and Bad Enough that finally, the scared and scarred little hurt one inside, who was not prized and praised by dad, who was belittled and mocked and kicked around like a broken chair, who was wired to get love but only got disgust, and there is that Fear again--i need to get smart enough and quick enough and sharp enough that no one will ever fool or hurt or scare me again.
But one thing is for sure--i will not be the one getting fooled; no one will trick me, i will not be played; i will always be one step ahead. I will be the Player. I will be the one who knows what's going on; I will Not Be the Fool. I will be the one in control. I will have the power. I will win the game.

Once, maybe if someone listened, took over, made things right... once maybe if there had been goodness and justice instead of pain and trickery...

Now my wisdom is my ability to never ever give in again. i will always be a step ahead. i will always know that all is false and so i will be false first.
Trust is Excised Out of Me.

And we
who want to love and ease pain,
we who want to feel good
 by making Others feel good:
We are seduced into Pity and the False Hope of change.

Oh, Sweetie! If only i give you enough love, you will change!!!

little red riding hood

Next: how does Forced Dog Fighting fit into this,

HERE  is one summary of facts introduced at the trial: Here is the Lately deceased Senator Robert Byrd's Speech after the Vick Expose--so impassioned, with rising anger that it was all the YouTube rage at the time.
The lengthier version HERE.



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Humility is a Shield, Even a Sword: The Tao, Meekness, and Jesus Christ

God is in an electron, a quark?

cover and attribution at end of post

In the book 365 Tao Daily Meditations*, a great book given to me by a mentor some years ago, i recently read the above and was struck by how much it reminded me of King Herod and Jesus Christ.

In studying the history of Christianity, some remark that the Christ, Jesus, was missed by many because of the humility of Christ. The people of the time were expecting as the Messiah, one with power and Glory. Big Power! Big Materialistic Effects! Overturn Regimes! Bring a giant army!
But in fact, the regime He was overturning was that of selfishness, materialism, blindness to the spirit. So the abject humility of a baby in a feeding trough for animals was too much. The poor, such as shepherds, and the wise, such as the Three Travellers from the East, had no problem recognizing the Creator in the guise of a child. Some strange mystery was unfolding. Some sacred sacrifice was being arranged.

Humility is a great virtue to ponder. Jesus before Herod is the ultimate.

One writer (click here) speaks at length about this event:
"...(3) Luke says that Herod questioned Jesus with many words “but He answered Him nothing” (Lk. 23:9). This silence raises a question. Why was our Lord willing to speak to Pilate and tell him about the nature and purpose of His kingdom but not willing to speak even one word to Herod Antipas? There are a number of reasons why the Savior refused to speak..."

Some mystics write that
every gift or word or grace that Jesus could have continued to give Herod only damned him further.
That is, to continue to give him opportunity to spit, as it were, in the face of his Loving Creator was only to add to his later misery. (e.g., Mary of Agreda)
As the Season for Nonviolence is about to begin, I have been pondering Humility and how it turns the anger, rage, pettiness in another into softer feelings.


 (1) The Herod of which Luke speaks is Herod Antipas, the son of Herod the Great who attempted to murder Christ by having all the male children two years old and under slain in Bethlehem (Mt. 2:1-18). After the death of Herod the Great his kingdom was divided by Augustus and ruled by three of his surviving sons. Archelaus was given the southern area of Herod’s kingdom which included Judea, Samaria and Idumea. Philip was placed over the area of Decapolis, a sparsely populated region that encompassed the eastern section of Herod’s kingdom. Antipas had authority over the northernmost region which included the provinces of Galilee and Perea. In A.D. 6 Archelaus (Herod’s eldest son) was deposed because of his incompetence, severe tyranny and cruelty and was banished to Vienna in Gaul. Therefore, while Antipas and Philip retained their territories, “Archelaus’ domains were reduced to a province under the rule of prefects or procurators.”

Christ Pictures HERE and HERE

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